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Dallas, US, Dec. 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Converting a crisis into an opportunity, Pierluigi Ramirez and Shawn Rivers scaled RR Revolution Fitness, a Texas-based fitness brand from scratch, through an innovative customer-focused approach.

The fitness industry has evolved tremendously over the last few decades. It has come into the mainstream with more and more people taking up fitness more seriously to thrive for a healthy lifestyle and overall well being. More importantly, people have started to consider fitness as a necessity rather than a choice. This change in mindset has naturally boosted the fitness industry altogether. However, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused a massive economic impact and the fitness sector has also faced the consequences. The pandemic rendered gyms barren and trainers are completely out of steady incomes. Clients are also terrified to gather at fitness centres and risk their families for the obvious health and safety concerns. Despite these challenges, two young entrepreneurs, Pierluigi Ramirez and Shawn Rivers, the founders of RR Revolution Fitness have turned this crisis into an opportunity.

The Story of RR Revolution Fitness

RR revolution Fitness is a fitness brand based out of Dallas, Texas. It is owned by two young businessmen, Pierluigi Ramirez and Shawn Rivers, both of whom left their regular jobs to focus on making RR Revolution Fitness a success. Despite the pandemic arising several uncertainties regarding the safety associated with training in gyms and other fitness centres, they were able to scale their business massively during the pandemic, all while maintaining safe social distancing guidelines. Pierluigi and Shawn applied innovative marketing ideas, improved client/coach interaction, and an optimized version of online coaching to scale RR Revolution Fitness into a six-figure business amidst the pandemic. 

Pierluigi commented, ‘We knew that we had to break the traditional online fitness coaching experience and adapt to the changes in order to succeed. We created an innovative coaching program that delivered more than just a fitness regimen and a generic diet plan. The success rate escalated quickly as clients were able to successfully utilize the platform to accomplish their fitness goals. At the same time, they were also learning to develop healthier habits, improved mental health, and truly integrate lifestyle alterations that would serve as permanent solutions to health and body concerns.’ 

Looking at the success of RR Revolution Fitness, it is fair to say that this model has far outperformed the typical, temporary quick fixes, radical diets, slave-like mentality to treadmills and hyper dependency on cardio. 

Speaking about RR Revolution Fitness’ and what the brand has to offer, Shawn commented, “We help our clients create a new, normal, healthier lifestyle rather than trying to command them to follow a lifestyle filled with restrictions. Once they see results without stressing out, they get to experience what we like to call a ‘lifestyle recalibration’ which is what has made us stand out from other fitness companies. It’s so much more than reps and sweat on a stair master.”

A Unique Fitness Service

Co-founder Pierluigi Ramirez is of the opinion that achieving fitness goals is not as easy as most fitness service providers claim to be. He says that massive dietary restrictions and long hours at the gym are detrimental to one’s relationship with food and turns ‘dream body crafting’ into a chore when it actually should be an enjoyable process.  

Based on this approach, Pierluigi and Shawn created an innovative fitness program named Hybrid 2.0. It is a 16 week, custom made coaching package tailored specifically to each individual’s current lifestyle. The program combines personalized information with professional guidance and accountability from 1 on 1 expert trainers. Apart from this, Hybrid 2.0 also offers a customized diet plan. 

The RR University

Apart from the urge to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle, one should also have adequate knowledge about general fitness. To cater to this requirement, Pierluigi and Shawn have curated several coaching manuals under the vertical ‘RR University’ where they teach fitness enthusiasts the basics of fitness and nutrition. It includes information regarding nutrition, natural metabolism enhancement, tips to develop a healthy physical and emotional mindset regarding healthy lifestyle changes, various innovative fitness hacks along with a library of interactive E-books about health and fitness. 

Building a Global Brand

Pierluigi Ramirez and Shawn Rivers have combined their knowledge and expertise to create something unique that fitness enthusiasts can use for the rest of their life. All of their services can be accessed from anywhere around the world, thus making RR Revolution Fitness a global brand. It is fair to say that this Texas-based fitness brand under the able leadership of two highly motivated individuals is changing the way individuals approach health and fitness in a manner that is multifaceted, enjoyable and all-encompassing. 

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