Going up

We Are Who We Are Luca Guadagnino’s coming-of-age TV series is Kids meets Call Me By Your Name. Excellent grunge threads, too.

Cozy boys Aka men in cashmere and hoodies who don’t like going out, ever. Replacing softboys as the “men of our times”.

Firepits Still going strong, thanks to Love Island and lockdown.

Carla Bruni’s Zoom lighting tips She recommends lighting your hair from behind and putting a candle in front of you. We’ll try anything at this point.

Uniqlo’s Heattech Truly coming into its own this autumn.

Going down

Orange office chair

Days gone by. Photograph: Getty Images

Office chairs Kamala Harris is photographed on one, on the cover of US Elle. Like seeing the Dead Sea scrolls – a relic of simpler times.

Flood Twitter parlance for a thread of Tweets that are impossible to follow.

Brunch Used to be the new dinner – and is again the new dinner, now we can’t go out at night. Boring.

Texting Thumbs exhausted, face tired from squinting at screens? If you haven’t yet converted to WhatsApp voice notes, now really is the time.

All other political merchandise Joe Biden’s fly swatter has won the internet. Next, please, the election?

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