Combo photo shows cats wearing cosplay costumes in Bogor.

Niloufar Saleem, Gulf Today


Fashion and style is something that brings about a huge lifestyle change.


Even if it means for cats.


A former Indonesian schoolteacher, Fredi Lugina Priadi, found his calling when he realised he enjoyed dressing up cats in fashionable outfits.


catfashion2 Fredi Lugina Priadi, 39, holds his cat wearing a cosplay costume.


Priadi creates unique costumes and cosplay outfits for cats, making them look absolutely adorable.


With lots of family and friends who are cat lovers and owners, Priadi started dressing up the cats in his vicinity for a start.


catfashion3 A cat is dressed in a cosplay costume in Jakarta, Indonesia.


What started off in a fun fashion ended up becoming his career option.


The 39-year-old cat fashion designer supplies costumes for cats all around the area.


catfashion5 Cats cosplay costumes are pictured in Bogor, on the outskirts of Jakarta.


Other than costumes like superheroes he also dresses them up in the traditional Islamic outfit for ladies, the hijab.


“At first, my cousins who love cats gave me the idea to make these costumes and I thought it was weird,” said Fredi.


catfashion4 Risma Sandra Irawan, 31, carries her cat wearing a cosplay costume.


He now has regular cat owners as customers who order much in advance so they get to dress their cats for the occasion.


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