BANGKOK–()–Chinese make-up and cosmetics products swept through Thailand in recent years, with Florasis outperforming multiple popular Chinese cosmetic brands.

A couple of days ago, “Impressive Customized Cosmetics of Miao”, the latest product of Florasis, appeared on the screen of MBK in Bangkok, making China Beauty popular in Thailand. It is the result of the cooperation between Florasis, Li Jiaqi, a well-known Chinese fashion anchor, and Miao silver ornament craftsmen, showing the quality of Chinese cosmetics products and the beauty of Chinese national culture.

Customers who are familiar with cosmetics must have noted that since October, Chinese Miao Ethnic Minority Silver Limited Collection of Florasis has triggered passionate discussion on Instagram, YouTube and other social platforms frequently. The Internet users wondered where they can get one, because Florasis products look like producing for the palace exclusively. They expressed their favor to Florasis generously and openly.

Established in 2017, Florasis is a brand shouldering up the responsibility to promote the oriental beauty. At present, China is at a rapid growing stage. It is expected that the annual sales in 2020 will exceed 500 million US dollars.

It is understood that the inspiration for Chinese Miao Ethnic Minority Silver Limited Collection came from Miao, one of China’s ethnic minorities. Miao is an ethnic group that is good at making exquisite silver ornaments and embroidery, which need to go through many processes and can only be made by hand. However, with the development of modern industry, Miao silver techniques are also facing the difficulty of inheritance. Therefore, Florasis puts Miao silver patterns on cosmetics to let more people know that China has such exquisite ethnic silver ornaments.

Looking at the previous cosmetics products of Florasis, it is easy to find that Florasis has launched a large number of cosmetics products with Chinese features. Florasis has replicated Chinese traditional techniques to show exquisite Chinese aesthetics and superb manufacturing techniques by cosmetics products. The cosmetics products of Florasis are greatly different from popular cosmetics products in Thailand, refreshing the cognition of Thais to Chinese cosmetics products.

This time, Florasis cosmetics has appeared on MBK Screen in Bangkok, representing the beauty of the Chinese national culture. The ethnic beauty is the beauty of the world. Today, with diversified aesthetics, the ethnic beauty is more capable to arouse the emotional resonance of people all over the world, and let people feel the charm and warmth of products.

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