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The year’s almost over, but it’s just the mid winter season and we have a lot of exciting occasions coming ahead. The christmas, new years and many more. We haven’t dressed up a ton for a long time now. These winter fashion trends are perfect for 2020.

Here are some winter fashion trends for 2020 that every girl need to try-

1. Knitted outfits- Knitted outfits are one of the best choices that one could make for winter fashion. Knitted gowns, knitted midi dress, knitted bodycon dresses or knitted sweaters, hoodies or tops are surely one can go for.

2. Bright pop colour suits- Bright colour suits will be perfect to make a style statement from the office to drinks. Go for loud shades like blue, red, orange. Find a hue that would match your skin tone.

3. Leather coats- Faux leather outwear is a classic choice for the cold weather. Styling it with slimline trousers or mini skirt would add it a risqué factor.

4. Natural tones- It’s the longest running trends for the past few seasons. Monochromatic and neutral outfits are easy to replicate and looks great on everyone. Sandy-coloured suit with a turtleneck, leather skirt or boiler suit with varying shades of neutral tones like sandy, camel or buff.

5. Wide leg trousers- Wide leg trousers are one of those outfits that can go with any mix-matched outfits. From combat to cowboy designs, one can totally slay the look.

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