Fashion trends that are overhyped&nbsp

Every year and every season, there are a few fashion trends that go viral and almost everyone is seen trying them. While some do have the potential of getting viral, some look somewhat weird and are considered over-hyped. Sometimes, some old trends make it to the latest fashion trends, and sometimes, some celebs are seen making a following trend popular. No matter what and how the situation is, there are a few fashion trends that we find over-hyped. 

Want to know what all? If yes, then read on as we share five fashion trends that are over-hyped and shouldn’t be a part of your closet anymore. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

Fashion trends that are overhyped

Visible thong 

Model Kendal Jenner once stepped out in an all-pink attire and grabbed eyeballs. Though, the outfit, in itself was too loud, what caught everyone’s attention were the visible thongs. Post which, it was sported by various celebs. But visible thongs can be uncomfortable and impractical and hence, they shouldn’t have a place in your closet. 

Corset Belts 

Corset tops have been a range for quite some time now. But corset belts look impractical and if you are not a fan of strings and buttons attached to your stomach, then, we suggest you should stay away from corset belts. They became popular in 2020 and we don’t want them in 2021. 

Mini sunglasses 

From Hollywood to Bollywood, almost every celebrity is stepping out in micro/mini sunglasses and leave us wondering ‘why’. Except for being worn as a style statement, these sunglasses doesn’t do anything. They have mini/micro glasses that barely cover your eyes. And if you wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, then they don’t fulfil the purpose. These sunglasses are over-hyped and should be avoided or discarded. 

Tiny handbag

French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus created micro handbag for the world and since then, many celebs have been seen carrying them. The original micro bag is about 4 inches wide and comes with a thin shoulder strap and we wonder what all can we fit in that bag? Several social media influencers and celebrities made this fashion a trend in 2019 and 2020 and now, it’s high time to bid it adieu. 

Off the shoulder jackets

Last but not least. The off-shoulder jacket trend definitely needs a mention in this article. For many years, we have been seeing celebs carrying their jacket over their shoulder and not putting their hands in them. But last year, they went overboard and started to leave the jacket hanging and the trend of off-shoulder jackets became popular. Does the jacket then serve its purpose? 

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