Do you experience designer’s block? How do you deal with that?

I live, eat, sleep, breathe fashion and that is how I do it… and it is not as easy as it looks. It’s a lot of hard work, passion and focus. But, sometimes I do experience a block, we all do. I just switch off, take a short holiday and start fresh on the drawing and inspiration board.

What changes or trends have you observed over the years in India, especially in traditional wear?

In the last decade, the fashion landscape, both nationally and internationally, has witnessed a 180-degree change, setting the tone for a new decade. Boundaries are being blurred and fashion has assumed a truly democratic and inclusive avatar. Clothing is no longer being compartmentalised, giving rise to non-defined cuts that blur the line between Indian and western silhouettes for instance, you can wear the same embroidered bustier with a dupatta for a wedding or pair it with shorts on a vacation. At the same time, as the lifestyle of the average fashion consumer evolves to demand a more utilitarian value from their purchases, clothing has gone gender- and occasion-neutral. So now, you have brands like Kallol Datta, Huemn, Antar-Agni and Bloni that are creating gender-fluid looks, while it is globally acceptable to wear a pantsuit to an Indian sangeet or a classic sari to a black-tie gala abroad. On the other hand, couture and prêt now co-exist harmoniously within the same wardrobe – a vintage Chanel tweed jacket worn with fine jewellery and trousers from a local high street brand? Why not!

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