Expert tips to create the perfect new year look&nbsp

Enter the new decade and new year looking like a million dollars and with some expert advice, make heads turn as you step into 2021. All of us have been holed up at our abodes with nowhere to go, ever since the COVID-19 pandemic turned our lives upside down. And now, you have a chance to party the night away and bring your gems, sequins, velvet and embellishments out of your closet. 

Whether you are heading to a new destination for a New Year party or arranging a small get together at home, make sure that you put your best fashion foot forward and click some Instaworthy snaps to mark the first day of 2021. To help you do the same, we spoke to fashion designer and celebrity stylist Tushar Vishnoi and he happily shared some style tips to glam up outfits at the last minute and look party-ready.

Expert tips to create the perfect new year look

  1. Embellish it up
  2. Go neon
  3. Accessorise to the T
  4. Layer it well
  5. Let your footwear speak

Embellish it up

“Nothing looks better than a pair of embellished pants donned with a solid coloured shirt,” the stylist said. While guys can opt for an embellished trouser or pants, girls can wear a feathered collar shirt with a fully embellished skirt. So whenever the disco lights blink, all eyes go to you and your moves! Pairing the royal combination black and gold for your New Year look is also something the stylist suggests. 

Go neon

From the digital runways to music videos, neons have been dominating most spheres this year. A perfect neon co-ord is all that one needs to make a major fashion statement. For outdoor parties that have UV lights, neons should be your go-to sartorial pick. They make you look trendy, hot and fabulous, all at once. 

Accessorise to the T

Accessories have the potential to enliven any attire. With the right set of accessories, you can transform your look and get the most mileage from your clothes. Well-chosen accessories will help you accentuate your style and bring you confidence. These are some basic rules of accessorising, suggested by the stylist.

  • Add at least one statement piece to your look
  • Slip a cuff bracelet on your wrist if you are not wearing a neckpiece
  • Don’t wear more than 4 large accessories together and they should match each other in terms of colour, style, and the material they’re made from
  • Opt for bright shoes and bags with all-black outfits
  • With pastel shades, opt for bright footwear and bags

Layer it well

To create a chic and sophisticated look, layering clothes well is of utmost importance. Knowing what to wear with what is essential to achieve the ultimate layered perfection. Here’re some layering tips from Tushar Vishnoi.

  • Limit your look to one or two colour families
  • Prints should be worn with neutral 
  • Pair colours that compliment each other nicely
  • Play with different fabrics
  • Ensure everything is of the right proportion

Let your footwear speak

Pick out your coolest pair of sneakers or high heels for the New Year party. If you have embellished shoes or a unique pair of heels, opt for a simple outfit and let your footwear shine.

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