“All of nature is a going concern. The business of spring is prospering. I stand for a long time beside the swamp stream in a fairyland setting of low-lying mist glowing and tinted with the pink of the sunrise. Here is beauty, here is calm.”

— Edwin Way Teale, “Circle of The Seasons,” April 21, Reflections in a Stream

April is a month of expectations, the first full month of spring when the earth gives birth to a myriad of plants and creatures. Beauty is ever in the eye of the beholder – one person’s weed is another’s flower.

At this writing the soil of my garden and fields still has a cool touch, but soon it will be warm enough to fully reveal its secrets. April brings the yellow-gold disks of dandelion blooms dotting lawns and fields. In April and early May, dandelions are some of the first blooms supplying important nectar and pollen for hungry bees and butterflies. While seen as a weed or problematic by some who favor a certain kind of lawn, dandelions are actually a natural wonder, not only for the pollinators but for the health of your lawn. Let them thrive and you will benefit your landscape in myriad ways.

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