According to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the new strain was up to 70% more transmissible than other variants, with it already accounting for over 62% of COVID-19 infections in London. While the results of  Pfizer en BioNTech are expected by January regarding the vaccine effectiveness on the new strain of the coronavirus, more people bare concern of future mutations of the coronavirus.

According to Safa Dawody, founder of DAWODY Science Fashion: “This new strain of the coronavirus will create a potential third wave as it is more infectious, In this pandemic, massive and fast behavioural change is critical.” With his newly launched fashion brand in Science Fashion, Dawody’s aim is to stop the spread of the coronavirus with innovative textiles that have the ability to neutralize Sars-Cov-2 upon contact. “The potential is huge, not only for PPE but our technology can be integrated in the public transport sector, Healthcare, Hospitality and even in ventilation systems,” added Dawody.

With his latest edition coronavirus neutralizing masks, Dawody aims to combat the coronavirus with Science Fashion. The masks are embedded with Zno nanotechnology, that has proven to be kill Sars-Cov-2, the cause of Covid-19 upon contact. Recent lab results of the mask by accredited laboratory ATCCR, confirmed an antiviral reduction above 99% in 30 minutes.

Dawody outlines the Zno nanotechnology integrated for his masks are proven to be harmless for users confirmed by European Union Authorised Laboratory Hygcen. However, the technology is lethal for bacteria and viruses according to Dawody. With filtration ability above 98% of 5 micron, his masks are in full accordance to WHO regulation according to Taryag, accredited laboratory in accordance to ISO and IEC. Additional testing by Hygcen shows the masks can be machine washed 52+ times without losing antimicrobial potency, making it suitable to wear all year long as the advice is only to wash it once a week.

Dawody participated earlier this month at the Mena Business Expo 2020 in Dubai that was organized under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi. During the 3rd day of the Business Expo, the founder of the Science Fashion brand was received by H.E. Adnan al Noorani, chairman of the Board and CEO of the private office of Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi, and Timur Kudratov – CEO of LWK, the organizing body of the Mena Business Expo 2020. As this was a special occasion for Dawody, who launched his fashion brand during the event, Dawody gifted H.H.Sheikh Saqer bin Mohamed al Qasimi the world’s first 24 carat coronavirus killing face mask. The mask is able to kill the coronavirus upon contact and is fully functional and breathable according to Dawody. The 24 carat gold is integrated in nano layers in combination with Zno. This shows the potential of his fashion brand in Science Fashion, according to Safa Dawody. Dawody adds: ”We can even develop golden clothes, but this will be post pandemic subject. For the general public we now commercialize Dawody Covid Killer, the mask is affordable and kills the coronavirus upon contact. Our 24 carat golden masks are exclusively available for VIPs”.

About DAWODY Science Fashion

DAWODY is a Netherlands based start-up. DAWODY aims to create a new market based on Science Fashion and be a worldwide leader in the fashion industry.


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