When Apple’s AirPods Max were originally announced and everyone realized that the ear cushions were removable, the first thing that we all did was wonder how each of the headphones looked with different color combinations. People were pairing the Space Gray headphones with the Red ear cushions, Silver with the Blue, etc.

Reported by 9to5Mac, engineer Rachit Sharma has created a beautiful tool that lets you customize your AirPods Max with different ear cushions in the same style that Apple lets you do so with its watch and bands in the Apple Watch Studio.

Engineer Rachit Sharma has built a really neat tool for playing around with different combinations of AirPods Max and ear cushions. This tool feels a lot like third party Apple Watch design websites back in the day before Apple introduced the official Studio tool.

The tool will even tell you the price that you will incur by choosing either two ear cushions of the same color or two different colors. Apple currently only plans to sell replacement cushions in pairs so be ready to spend more than a hundred dollars if you want a different color on each ear.

Check out Sharma’s AirPods Max Color Switcher and have fun customizing your AirPods Max!

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