Credo has added three new people to its Clean Beauty Council. The new members are Boma Brown-West, Dr. Whitney Bowe, and Brandon Frank to the Clean Beauty Council. Created to help move the industry forward, the Clean Beauty Council is comprised of leaders and visionaries in their respected fields, who together are helping to advance the clean beauty movement.


Boma Brown-West, senior manager of consumer health at Environmental Defense Fund, works closely with product manufacturers and retailers on strategies that drive the usage of safer chemicals in consumer products. She has 15-plus years of experience in sustainable product development and degrees in engineering and technology policy from Yale and MIT.


Dr. Whitney Bowe, a well-known NYC-based dermatologist, takes a holistic, 360-degree approach to skin health including her passion for the safety of the ingredients placed on the skin. She has been a trailblazer and thought leader in the area of nutrition and the skin and is now at the heart of what she’s calling the “clean clinical” movement: clinical strength products using clean ingredients, according to Credo. Bowe is regularly asked to lend her expertise on national platforms and is the author of the best-selling book Dirty Looks, as well as more than 50 scientific articles.


Frank is president of Pacific Packaging Components (P.P.C.), a 50-year-old packaging company, and is president of the Southern California chapter for the Institute of Packaging Professionals. Passionate about sustainable packaging, he works closely with brands to navigate, discover, and develop eco-packaging that is unique, effective. In addition, Frank serves on the Industry Advisory Council for the National Association of Container Distributors and is an active member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition.

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