I get this question on the blog a lot and Mr Weimar answered it at today’s Vic press conference. Big thanks to Leonie Thorne from our Vic team for typing these up! She was able to watch the press conference while the News Channel only carried a little bit of it. Don’t worry, i’ll try and get a full video of it shortly so you can watch. Anyway, here’s what was said about masks:

Mr Weimar said masks were an important safeguard to help reduce risk as restrictions get lifted.

“Masks are a thing that all of us can do – it’s a low cost, easy thing to do that makes a material difference in reducing the risk of transmission,” he said.

“That continues to be our position, and we think it’s a really important part of our armory to prevent the resurgence of coronavirus – and until that position changes we want to encourage people to keep wearing masks when they’re outdoors.”

He pointed out that the latest easing of restrictions was only announced two weeks ago, and said there was a “whole roadmap” ahead if Victoria stays on the current trajectory.

DHHS was carefully watching how COVID progressed in Victoria and around the country, and wanted to see what effect other changes would have as well, he said.

“When we start to look at people coming back into the state, particularly from overseas, it will all change the risk profile of what we’re dealing with and it will be a package of measures that we have here in Victoria to help protect against coronavirus,” he said.

“Right here, right now, masks are a critical element in safeguarding the gains that we’ve made.

“Given it’s only been about 12 days since we started to ease out of stage four, we think it’s the right thing to hold on to, and it enables us to enjoy the other freedoms that we’re starting to do.”


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