Tough, new restrictions placed on British Columbians, to battle COVID-19, are leaving a local business owner not only anxious but confused.

At the onset of the pandemic, Oxygen Fitness and Yoga was forced to close it’s doors and wound up staying closed for 77 days.

Owner, Dina McLeod, made a gut wrenching plea on social media to her clients on Thursday after learning she’d be shutting down again.

She started by letting her customers know exactly what her situation was. “We are closed effective immediately as per the government mandated B.C. wide closures.”

She said Doctor Bonnie Henry is sending an unclear signal by specifically targeting hot yoga studios where the room temperature is kept very high.”Obviously the first thing that everyone keeps saying is she said hot, so we could just do it not hot.”

McLeod says that isn’t an option. ” We cannot risk that. We’re not that kind of gym, we don’t have that kind of space.”

She’s wondering why the Province is targeting some businesses but not others. “I don’t understand how are restaurants still open? I mean I don’t want other businesses to close too, that’s not what I’m saying.”

Fighting back tears, she continued. “I just don’t understand. We have no cases here, we’ve done everything right and I don’t know how we survive this.”

She’s not sure why our area is being lumped in with the other parts of the province. “Ya, it’s a struggle and I’m not the only small business that’s having this problem. Now, gyms get to stay open, so ya, so I guess you all will be probably going to other gyms to work out, I have no idea. I’m completely blown away at this mandated thing especially when we have no cases here and have had no cases here.”

McLeod said she knows the second wave of COVID-19 is worse than what we saw at the onset of the pandemic. “We’ve done everything right guys, we’ve done nothing wrong and we’re trying to flatten the curve and I do think we have a social responsibility to do our part and I even said it, just last night, talking with some members, we’re way worse now than we were in March when they closed us all.”

As hard as it is to accept, she’s not surprised by the decision. “I was expecting that this was coming and I knew it was going to hurt and I knew it was going to throw me off.”

“It’s like holy crap, will we actually make a second closure? Will we live through another closure?”

“There’s nothing I can do, we are closed effective immediately.”

McLeod says she supports the decisions medical experts are making adding she takes the mandated rules seriously and will abide them and do what she can to flatten the curve.

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