The COVID-19 pandemic has economically battered Chinatowns and Chinese-owned businesses. Hate crimes against Asian Americans have drastically spiked, as encouraged by loser POTUS 45’s xenophobic and racist hate speech. So the summer arrival of dark comedy Lucky Grandma offered timely and much-needed messaging, thrills, and laughs. Directed by Sasie Sealy and co-written with Angela Cheng, the indie film is both a love letter to Chinatown and the titular octogenarian, who chases her luck at the casino, while not realising her true fortune lies closer to home. Crabby, chain-smoking, and truly gives-zero-fucks Grandma Wong uses her gritty street smarts and morning swim-honed dexterity to extricate herself from the potential misfortune. (The movie has also partnered with Welcome to Chinatown to raise funds for the community.)

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