San Luis Obispo County

NIPOMO, Calif. – Many residents in the Central Coast started 2021 with some yoga at The Yoga Shack in Nipomo. 

“It  is really a mind, body and spirit. it is just essential in my life,” said Santa Maria resident Jennifer May.

A study from Harvard Medical School shows that yoga alleviates stress, anxiety and depression.

According to the study, 7.5% of U.S. adults have tried yoga at least once, and nearly 4% practiced yoga in the previous year. 

“It’s just insane out there and this just keeps everything sort of everything in balance,” said Nipomo resident Maureen Ardron.

As they all hope for a better year. 

“2021 will become normalized sometime in the near future, hopefully,” said co-owner of The Yoga Shack Thomas Anderson.


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