After losing her sight, Ann-Chadwell Humphries finds new outlet for creativity

Ann-Chadwell Humphries autographs her poetry books with an embosser. She slips the
clamp’s lips over the title page and squeezes the handles together.

Then she runs her fingers over the raised seal, containing her initials, her name,
and the words, “In Poetry.”

Next, she uses a credit card-sized template to guide her pen so she can scrawl a personal
note in a nearly straight line that she will never see. In this case, she signs the
book for a reader who is working on poems again thanks to her encouragement. “You
paid me a high compliment,” she writes. “You’re writing again!”

As a blind poet, she takes joy in helping someone else reconnect with the muse.

Humphries’ book is An Eclipse and a Butcher, a collection of nearly 40 poems on topics
ranging from art to family life, from eclipses to blindness. She wrote and workshopped
some of the poems in graduate classes at the University of South Carolina.

Even before the book came out in November 2020, Humphries was immersed in South Carolina’s
poetry community. She enters contests; she sponsors contests. She reads her poems
in Facebook videos. She speaks to school groups and women’s leadership conferences.

But she says she hardly touched poetry before she became fully blind in 2012.

One of her poems, “My Blind Obsession,” puts it this way:

Like the fine china for special occasions,
poetry had a place at our family table
but blindness dragged poetry out of storage for everyday use,
made it accessible, aired it out.

“It’s just the way I choose to spend my life now,” says Humphries. “Poetry is so layered.
It’s so particular, and yet so universal. Plus, it doesn’t take up much space. It’s
not expensive. If you’re tight on time, you can read a poem, a few poems, and let
it set, and that has as much staying power as a novel. It helps me express my thoughts
out loud as well as on paper and on screen.”

Fading sight

Humphries, now 67, says her sight started disappearing in the 1990s due to retinitis
pigmentosa, a genetic disorder that causes cell loss in the retina.

At first it was like looking through a hula hoop, she says. But her field of vision
shrank so she was looking through a donut. Then, a straw. Finding a cursor on a computer
screen became difficult, but she could still read and handwrite and push a cart of
medical charts across the hospital campus where she worked.

But at age 55, she decided she couldn’t keep up anymore. Humphries retired and didn’t
look back.

“All of a sudden, I had an open schedule,” she says. She and her first guide dog,
Brego, earned the state’s Ultimate Outsider T-shirts by hiking in every state park.
She started taking writing classes at a local senior center.

“I’d written a lot of memoir,” Humphries says. “I could handle it then. But as my
vision grew smaller, I got lost in all those pages.”

Poetry, with its shorter lines, became her preferred genre.

Eventually, a friend dared her to enter a contest for poems about self-portraits.

“That was the first poem I’d ever entered,” Humphries says. “Both of us were accepted!
I was like, oh my gosh, we’re going to be in a chapbook!”

With that taste of success, Humphries was hooked. She chose to take poetry a step
further by enrolling in courses at the University of South Carolina. First was a class
with Nikky Finney, an acclaimed poet and winner of the National Book Award. Later,
Humphries and two friends completed an independent study course with Ed Madden, English
professor and poet laureate of Columbia.

The staff in the Student Disabilities Resource Center helped to ensure all course
content was accessible for the visually impaired. Handouts were typed, assignments
were digitized. Humphries calls the disabilities staff “sacred advisors” for helping
her access education.

“They were welcoming and affirmed me for being there,” she says.

Madden says the process of making his courses accessible helped him improve his teaching
for all students. “I’m a better teacher because of having worked with Ann,” he says.
“I’m more conscious and more intentional.”

New talent

Madden also was impressed by his student’s talent.

“She clearly has a heightened sense of musicality, of what the words sound like,”
he says.

Other people agreed. Humphries received a Sun Magazine scholarship and won awards from the Poetry Society of South Carolina and several
publishers. She participated in online poetry workshops through the Hadley Institute
for the Blind, the University of Pennsylvania and other organizations.

Cindy Boiter, the editor of the local Jasper Magazine and publisher of Muddy Ford Press, took note of the rising poet. She liked the intimacy
in Humphries’ poems.

“I like the way that she creates these possibilities for the people in her poetry
that allow you to continue to develop them after you finish the poem,” Boiter says.

She adds that many of Humphries’ poems have a surprise factor to them.

“You’re reading along, and you don’t realize until you’ve just finished it, or you’re
two-thirds of the way in, and you say, ‘Oh my! I see this is going somewhere I wasn’t

For example, there is “Three Dreams,” a poem that starts with describing a Kodachrome
photograph of Humphries and her two sisters when they were children. Going on, it
sounds like a playful story about girls getting ready for bed until the last line
surprises the reader with heartache, tension and nostalgia.

Boiter also admires Humphries’ dogged determination to write often and publish her
work. “She’s by far one of the most determined and enthusiastic people I’ve ever met
in the industry,” Boiter says.

That combination of talent and zeal made Humphries a perfect candidate for Muddy Ford
Press’s Laureate Series, which highlights emerging poets in South Carolina with the
help of established poets. When Boiter and Madden asked Humphries to be a part of
the series, she was surprised but eager.

“That came out of the blue, like a lightning bolt,” Humphries says. “They selected
me. How shocking is that!”

Madden worked with Humphries to select and refine the poems for the book that became
An Eclipse and a Butcher. Humphries was thrilled with the outcome.

“He saw things in my poems that I did not see,” she says. “That was a wonderful investment
in me.”

With the book coming out in the middle of a pandemic, Humphries memorized and recited
some of her poems for a launch party held over Zoom. Madden and others pitched in
by reading poems for the audience.

Humphries gives great credit to a community that has helped her succeed. Although
smartphone technology helps her record ideas and compose poems, friends and family
empower her to be a part of the poetry community. Her husband, Kirk, along with friends
and community volunteers, drive her to classes or speaking engagements and help double-check
which words are italicized or bolded in her poems, or that the words are spaced to
have the dramatic effect she desires.

“We’re interdependent,” she says.

She gives credit to poetry for helping her see the world in new ways.

Occasionally, people ask Humphries whether she would take her sight back if she could
— something that could be medically possible in her lifetime.

She chokes on her answer.

“We have grandchildren now,” she says. “I would like to see them. But I can’t give
up this other beauty.”

Beauty she once did not see.

“Poetry has made me focus on this gold, this beauty we have right before us, every
day, if we will acknowledge it.”

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The cute candy-inspired makeup line comes in foil packaging designed to tear open—take a look at it in the video below.

Marie Redding, Senior Editor04.15.21

HipDot Cosmetics is launching a Reese’s peanut-butter-cup inspired makeup line collection today. 

Tear open the cute candy-inspired foil pack, and beauty fans will find makeup colors inspired by Reese’s.

The highly-pigmented eyeshadows in the Milk & White Chocolate Cup Palettes contain pretty chocolate-inspired browns, with a few fun pops of orange and yellow. 

The Tinted Lip Balms, in sheer nude and sheer brown, smell like a peanut butter cup. There is also a Double-Ended Brush Set, and they’re bright orange with yellow bristles. 

The Limited Edition Collector’s Bag Set includes the entire collection in a cute orange bag, identical to a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup package.  

HipDot also created makeup lines inspired by Peeps and SpongeBob.

Also in line with the beauty-meets-food trend, e.l.f. partnered with Chipotle.

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Ding ding, it’s time for round two! 

The second edition of BEAUTYcrew’s digital issue is here, and boy, is it an inspiring one.

Featuring Miss Universe Australia (and one of the kindest people we’ve had the pleasure of meeting), Maria Thattil shares how she overcame self-doubt and the pressure to fit in to make her most empowered move yet – competing for Miss Universe. She speaks of her challenges with racism, how beauty helped her find her way and why her fight for the crown is a fight for inclusivity and equality.

We also look at the role makeup plays in the modern performance of gender (with the help of some incredible creatives), what social media app ‘Clubhouse’ means for the beauty world (and whether it’s here to stay) plus, introduce you to the millennial duo who founded a lubricant brand during a global pandemic.

The new season also brings a bucketload of new trends with it, including the autumn hair colours, cuts and styles to have on your radar and the rise of minimalistic makeup

We get nostalgic too, with the memorable beauty products that make us feel most powerful.

All-in-all, it’s one helluva ride and ready for you to devour here.


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Builders and home renovators are being urged to stop run-off from their building sites polluting waterways and green spaces that Sydneysiders increasingly rely on for recreation and enjoyment.

A survey conducted by the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) in 20201 showed that 45 per cent of respondents spent more time in public spaces since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey also found that 71 per cent of respondents appreciated local parks more.

The NSW Government’s plan to fund a $16 million COVID-19 stimulus program to help deliver more quality green public space on Crown land across Greater Sydney provides a further incentive to prevent sediment run-off from impacting our natural spaces.

To advise builders and renovators on best practice erosion and sediment controls, local councils, the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and DPIE will be conducting a month-long Get the Site Right education and compliance campaign during May. A follow-up one-day inspection blitz of building sites across Sydney and the Hunter Coast will be held on Thursday, 20 May 2021.

Sediment run-off usually contains common building materials such as cement, sand and soil. These materials can contaminate water and cause algal blooms that harm marine plants and animals. They can also build up in marine species, such as mussels, and have a dangerous impact on the food chain.

Sediment in the water can affect swimming and other recreational activities by causing unpleasant odours and making the water cloudy.

NSW EPA Executive Director Regulatory Operations Steve Beaman said confusion still exists about where sediment run-off goes when it enters the stormwater system.

“Stormwater is rainwater that collects pollutants, including sediment from building sites, as it runs across different surfaces and flows through the stormwater collection network of gutters, pipes and stormwater drains and then directly out to local waterways, untreated,” Mr Beaman said.

“It is different from wastewater which is water that goes down sinks, toilets and drains and is collected in the sewerage system and taken to a wastewater treatment plant.

“That is why it is so important that builders and renovators prevent sediment run-off from leaving their sites to protect local waterways and the surrounding environment.”

Parramatta River Catchment Group Chair Councillor Mark Drury said reducing run-off and improving stormwater infrastructure and planning are two key objectives of the Parramatta River Masterplan.

“Sediment run-off can have a significant impact on our enjoyment of swim sites, foreshore parks and other green spaces,” Cr Drury said.

“Repairing and maintaining stormwater infrastructure due to blockages from run-off can also be very costly for councils and Sydney Water so we’re working closely with them and other government agencies to reduce sediment run-off and other source pollution.”

Now in its sixth year, Get the Site Right is a joint program between the Cooks River Alliance, DPIE, Georges Riverkeeper, the EPA, Parramatta River Catchment Group, Sydney Coastal Councils Group, local Sydney councils and Lake Macquarie Council.

Members of the public are encouraged to report pollution incidents, including poor sediment control, to their local council or the EPA’s 24/7 Environment Line on 131 555.


/Public Release. This material comes from the originating organization and may be of a point-in-time nature, edited for clarity, style and length.

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Monica HumphriesApr 15, 2021, 04:23 IST

  • Photographer Maria Passer spent three weeks in ghost towns outside of Vorkuta, Russia.
  • The once-bustling coal towns were deserted, and abandoned apartments coated in ice were left behind.
  • Passer told Insider her goal was to capture both the beauty and sadness of these empty villages.

Photographer Maria Passer traveled to the icy regions of Vorkuta, Russia, to capture images of the once-bustling, now-abandoned towns.

Photographer Maria Passer traveled to the icy regions of Vorkuta, Russia, to capture images of the once-bustling, now-abandoned towns.

An aerial view of abandoned buildings outside of Vorkuta, Russia.

Maria Passer

Small towns and villages surround the coal-mining city of Vorkuta, Russia, an area located north of the Arctic Circle.

Maria Passer traveled two days by train from her home in Moscow to capture the surreal destination.

Passer learned about the town from photographer and friend Lana Sator. When she saw their images, she knew she wanted to explore the location herself.

She told Insider that Vorkuta’s beauty and sad history ignited her curiosity, and she aimed to capture those conflicting emotions in her photographs.

She told Insider that Vorkuta's beauty and sad history ignited her curiosity, and she aimed to capture those conflicting emotions in her photographs.

These apartment complexes previously housed coal miners and their families.

Maria Passer/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Passer said she has a deep interest in urban exploration. Vorkuta’s beauty and sad history ignited Passer’s interest and left her eager to photograph the villages.

“These abandoned places may be sad, dark, and gloomy places, but they are still beautiful, maybe even inspiring,” she told Insider.

So Passer and two friends packed up layers, a drone, and photography equipment and set out to Russia’s Arctic north.

When Passer arrived, she learned more about the city’s coal-mining past. The abandoned towns were once teeming with high-paying jobs.

When Passer arrived, she learned more about the city's coal-mining past. The abandoned towns were once teeming with high-paying jobs.

Many of the abandoned apartments still have belongings left behind by former residents.

Maria Passer/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

The city was founded in the 1930s, and it originated as a Gulag labor camp, where prisoners were forced to mine for coal under the reign of Joseph Stalin.

In the later years of the USSR, the area was teeming with well-paying jobs. In response, people across the country moved to Vorkuta.

With the influx of residents, towns and villages popped up to house the coal miners and their families.


When the Soviet Union collapsed, the mines closed. With few job prospects nearby, people left – leaving deserted buildings behind.

When the Soviet Union collapsed, the mines closed. With few job prospects nearby, people left - leaving deserted buildings behind.

The buildings, which are largely abandoned, are covered in snow and ice.

Maria Passer/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, so did many of the mines, and many Russian coal miners found themselves unemployed.

Since Vorkuta is in an isolated region of Russia, the now-jobless coal miners were forced to find new opportunities in new destinations.

Since then, 1 million people have left the Arctic zone, according to the global news site The World.

But Passer said the villages aren’t completely empty. Today, there is still a handful of people who live in the towns’ apartment complexes.

But Passer said the villages aren't completely empty. Today, there is still a handful of people who live in the towns' apartment complexes.

The photographer said there are still a handful of people living in these abandoned buildings outside of Vorkuta, Russia.

Maria Passer

A vast majority of the towns are deserted, but a few people remain. About 100 apartments are still being used, per The World.

Those who are still located in the outside villages of Vorkuta are often there because of necessity.

Passer said many people want to leave, but their homes are unsellable, and they don’t have money to relocate. So they end up staying.

Passer said many people want to leave, but their homes are unsellable, and they don't have money to relocate. So they end up staying.

In some buildings, snow covers the stairs and icicles hang from the banisters.

Maria Passer/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Many are waiting to be resettled to subsidized housing programs because they don’t have enough money to relocate and can’t sell their home.

Passer said no one wants to move to these villages, so the homes and apartments are nearly impossible to sell.

“Even in the small parts of Russia, you can’t buy anything for the price you would sell your apartment for,” Passer said.

For others, this is the only place they’ve lived, and they don’t want to move.

For others, this is the only place they've lived, and they don't want to move.

Icicles hang from the railing of a stairwell outside of Vorkuta.

Maria Passer

Passer said these are a few people who don’t want to leave since this is their home.

Those who still live in the abandoned apartment complexes must travel by car or public transportation to the city of Vorkuta for necessities.

Here, residents can find grocery stores, restaurants, pharmacies, theaters, and shopping areas typical of a city.

Many of the families and people who abandoned the villages left behind belongings and furniture.

Many of the families and people who abandoned the villages left behind belongings and furniture.

Many of the flats are frozen in time, with furniture and belongings still filling the rooms.

Maria Passer/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Too costly to move, people left behind furniture and belongings they no longer needed.

Passer explored these empty, abandoned apartments and found old photographs, books, furniture, and toys inside the rooms.

Over the years, ice crystals have coated every inch of the abandoned rooms.

Over the years, ice crystals have coated every inch of the abandoned rooms.

Snow covers old newspapers left behind on a table.

Maria Passer

When Passer visited, temperatures in the region hovered around -38 Fahrenheit.

The freezing temperatures have left behind a thin layer of ice and snow across the complexes’ stairwells, hallways, and rooms.

In some buildings, the water pipes burst, which created walls, floors, and stairwells full of ice.

In some buildings, the water pipes burst, which created walls, floors, and stairwells full of ice.

In some rooms, pipes burst, which created mountains of ice.

Maria Passer/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Rarely is maintenance done on these buildings, and the freezing temperatures have caused many pipes to burst, Passer said.

The result is stairwells, rooms, and hallways with mountains of ice.

Passer said photographing in freezing temperatures was a challenge. At points, her hands were too cold to press the shutter, and batteries quickly died.

Passer said photographing in freezing temperatures was a challenge. At points, her hands were too cold to press the shutter, and batteries quickly died.

An aerial view of an abandoned village outside of Vorkuta, Russia.

Maria Passer/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Before heading out to take images, Passer layered up in shirts, pullovers, leggings, trousers, and coats to stay warm.

Passer captured images both on the ground and from up above.

Passer said her phone and camera’s batteries would die quickly, so she had to work quickly.

Walking through the abandoned buildings, Passer said she felt stunned by the location’s beauty and sadness.

Walking through the abandoned buildings, Passer said she felt stunned by the location's beauty and sadness.

Instead of mail, ice fills abandoned mailboxes.

Maria Passer

“My first feeling was like, ‘Wow, this is terrible,'” she said about seeing the abandoned apartments, pictures on the wall, books, clothes, and items left behind.

“But on the other side, I thought, ‘Wow, this is so amazingly beautiful.'”

She made it her goal to capture and share the location’s gloomy beauty.

She made it her goal to capture and share the location's gloomy beauty.

The freezing weather created unusual scenery inside apartments for Maria Passer to capture images of.

Maria Passer/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Since Passer found her love for urban exploration photography, she’s visited a handful of abandoned places, including underground mines, abandoned towns, and bomb shelters.

But this was the most impressive place she’s photographed, she said.

Since publishing the photographs, the images have resonated with viewers both in and outside of Russia.

Since publishing the photographs, the images have resonated with viewers both in and outside of Russia.

The entrance to a now-deserted apartment building.

Maria Passer/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Passer said her photographs have received mixed responses.

The other day, one woman told Passer that the images helped her bond with her stepfather, who was born and raised in Vorkuta, but not everyone is happy with the attention Vorkuta is gaining.

“I know some people in Vorkuta are disappointed my pictures and pictures from my friends showed Vorkuta as a gloomy, depressive place,” she said, adding that images aim to capture beauty.

Passer said she hopes viewers learn to find beauty in everything – even things that might seem sad.

Passer said she hopes viewers learn to find beauty in everything - even things that might seem sad.

Using a drone, Passer photographed these abandoned villages.

Maria Passer

Passer said she hopes viewers learn to find beauty in everything — even things that might seem sad.

“I hope that people will see these pictures the same way when I saw these places,” Passer said. “Both, ‘wow, it’s beautiful, and wow, it’s terrible.'”

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BioFit Reviews : Shocking Truth About This Supplement

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IMPORTANT: Shocking Truth About BioFit – This May Change Your Mind! BioFit is a dietary supplement whose primary purpose is to modify the existent metabolic processes to produce weight loss naturally. It includes all the functions that intervene in the digestive process without suppressing them. It preserves gut integrity, the gut microbiota, motility, and structure intact. BioFit contains probiotics that are live microorganisms that confer protection to the digestive system against harmful organisms, improve digestion, motor function, and gut absorption, and provide other health benefits that generally contribute to weight loss through a healthy path. BioFit produces a balance between the synthesis (formation) and metabolism (elimination) of hormones that intervene in cellular processes that convert ingested food and nutrients into new compounds. These compounds provide energy to the organism, and they will also create precursors of many physiological processes that finally confer vital functions. This nutritional supplement arises from a woman well known for being a mother of 3 children, a wife, and a housewife who throughout her life experienced the various physical, psychological (emotional), and hormonal changes that mothers go through when having children and older women as the years go by. Must See: The REAL BioFit Testimonial “You Will Not Believe What She Said!” After an arduous investigation of obesity origins and those extra pounds, they considered the population’s fundamental causes. She proposed to create this excellent supplement to support more people who go through similar situations to improve their physical appearance, mental health, organic functions, and health in general to enjoy a better quality of life. Who Should Try The Biofit Supplement? BioFit is a product intended for groups in the battle to lose those extra pounds, for those who genetically tend to accumulate more abdominal fat spontaneously. Also, for those who have tried many methods to lose weight and not have been at their ideal weight for a long time, BioFit can be your great ally. A particular aspect of the BioFit weight loss scheme is that they recommend the intake of foods that are generally strictly excluded in ordinary weight-loss diets, such as smoothies, hamburgers, cakes, ice creams. Many foods are frequently considered junk food for nutritionists. People who generally dieters occasionally include them in their diet and call them ‘’cheat meals ” since they can be perceived as cheating. At the same time, as a reward for complying with their exercise regimes and strict diet for long periods, from time to time we deserve we deserve to reward ourselves with foods that we love for the excellent work, right? 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Lactobacillus casei It is an anaerobic bacterium of gut origin, a producer of lactic acid, and it is used in the dairy industry in the production of probiotic foods. It is said that this bacillus can be administered in conjunction with others or individually; they have shown that they produce changes positively in the gut mucosa, favoring its functions of increased metabolic activity, reducing inflammation, and strengthening the epithelial barrier. The lactic acid secreted by Lactobacillus casei regulates gut motility, providing the best absorption of nutrients from food, reducing symptoms derived from constipation, such as bloating and abdominal pain, since good gut movement facilitates the transit and exit of waste (fecal matter). It prevents gastrointestinal infections. A strengthened gut microbiota makes us more resistant to suffering from a gut infection. It regulates the immune system, contributing to alert the body’s defense cells in the presence of harmful agents. Lactobacillus Plantarum It can have a significant impact by improving psychological health, increasing immunity, and improving metabolic conditions. Several studies have shown that a daily intake of L. Plantarum can reduce anxiety and depression and improve symptoms of autism. Ingesting L. Plantarum can be beneficial in certain metabolic disorders by reducing BMI, improving blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, and reducing fat oxidation. It can also decrease the development of cardiovascular disease in smokers. Bifidobacterium breve The probiotic Bifidobacterium breve, a probiotic strain that originates in a baby’s intestine, has been shown to have anti-obesity effects. Through mechanisms that improve gut barrier function, production of colonic adiponectin, proglucagon, and probiotic-derived metabolites with anti-obesity activity (e.g., acetic acids and conjugated linoleic acids). Accumulating evidence has indicated that the gut microbiota is associated with host health conditions in numerous ways, including energy metabolism and mitochondrial function. Also, the cross-talk pathway between the gut microbiota and skeletal muscle has been extensively studied. The gut microbiota and environment’s composition has been suggested to influence muscle mass and muscle mass function, possibly modifying the microbiota composition, immune function, metabolism, energy, and oxidative stress. BioFit Benefits Biofit Benefits are: The BioFit supplement is recognized for its short-term results in burning fat; many consumers report that they have lost just over a pound in 1 week and lose weight from burning fat.BioFit has bacteria that control and kill other microorganisms along with their toxins. The immune system’s modulation is one of its most important benefits since the protective barrier against many pathogenic microorganisms is improved. BioFit produces metabolic changes that allow fat deposits to obtain energy while metabolized naturally, helping you have higher energy levels.With the daily intake of BioFit, you will feel less hunger and greater satiety after eating. The gastrointestinal system regenerates through the bacterial population’s control through the intake of probiotics that the BioFit supplement provides.You can also enjoy your favorite dishes and should not limit yourself while using BioFit supplements. BioFit is highly natural and is free of chemical substances, heavy metals, flavorings, and preservatives, ruling out any unwanted damage by any other sense. BioFit And Psychological Consequences of Restrictive Diets Prevent bad relationship with food: the fear of consuming according to what foods and the imposition of these diets can lead to certain eating behavior disorders. BioFit protects you from demotivation and apathy: many types of diets are monotonous due to certain foods’ limitations, so they can be easily bored by the same food. Avoid social isolation: carrying any type of pattern that implies strict limitations of food groups can be difficult when relating in a playful environment since many activities and cultural celebrations are carried out around a gastronomic context. Keep yourself away from feelings of frustration, depression, and anxiety. When carrying out a strict diet, there is a repeated cycle of weight loss followed by a subsequent rebound effect, which can become addictive and frustrating at the same time. How Does BioFit Work? From the moment you ingest your first BioFit capsule, it is processed in your large intestine. All BioFit ingredients will be released, mainly its bacilli, which with daily intake begin to colonize your intestine, exercising all its functions, purifying itself of others. Microorganisms and toxins, your digestive and immune function, are modified and produce essential changes that you will gradually notice in your day-to-day. The BioFit supplement also improves the absorption and nutrient metabolism due to the restoration of the gut barrier and its digestive functions. You begin to lose weight, specifically through the repair of your gastrointestinal system to burn fat. How Long Does It Take For Biofit To Work? The beneficial results provided by the BioFit supplement are assured over time. Still, its appearance depends on each individual’s organic condition. It is because each person has a different metabolic state and different physical and functional gastrointestinal characteristics, such as the microbiota, for example. For this reason, the time necessary to observe its beneficial effects can be very fast for some people. Several consumers who have made BioFit reviews report that they have observed changes in the first week of use; on the other hand, other users say changes after a couple of months taking BioFit supplement consecutively. In general, all report weight loss after the use of this product. According to the experience collected from many consumers, we can establish an imaginary average to start remarkably losing weight. Most people report benefits from the first month to the second month of use of this fascinating supplement. Does Biofit Have Side Effects? BioFit supplement is characterized by being a natural supplement and free of substances that can cause side effects. No side effects have been reported under the short or long-term use of BioFit supplement. It is currently considered one of the safest supplements and influential globally due to its high success rate and low unwanted effects. Most of the studies carried out by experts on probiotics report essential beneficial effects in their use in humans, animals, and crops. BioFit supplement is a highly safe complex, but you can always consult with your family doctor if you suffer from any pre-existing pathology. Biofit Costs Through the BioFit supplement website, you can get more information on how to order BioFit, the offers, and the additional shipping charges: One Bottle: $ 69.00 + additional shipping charges Three Bottles: $ 177 Six Bottles: $ 294 Access to the BioFit official website to discover fantastic offers! Precautions Using Biofit BioFit is a supplement for adults. Your body must complete the appropriate development for the age. You cannot consume BioFit supplement during pregnancy due to the changes that this supplement generates. If you are carrying a baby, you should know that most supplements and many drugs are contraindicated during pregnancy and even after having it. Consumers who have pre-existing pathology, gastrointestinal, and metabolic, and nervous system diseases should consult with their treating physicians to avoid future complications, even though BioFit is completely harmless. Is Biofit Supplement A Product For Women Only? No, the BioFit formula is designed for any gastrointestinal system, regardless of the consumer’s gender. It is composed of a complex of probiotics that benefit the intestinal activities of anyone who needs it and wants to burn fat effectively and naturally. In conclusion, BioFit supplement is also a product designed for men who want to burn fat to have a healthier life and look better. How To Approach Weight Loss Using Biofit? Against this background, it is essential to change the nutrition level approach to the concept of current diet and the behavior that many have concerning it. You must work on the following aspects in a very individualized way to gradually recovers the lost energy and regains greater metabolic functionality. De-diet the person’s brain. Diet needs to be re-educated on a new concept that focuses on foods you want to eat while using BioFit supplement. Also, work on the fear they have of certain foods and meals and, above all, that they will enjoy eating again. Eat more food gradually and depending on the case so that the body adapts to more energy availability and relaxes the adaptations due to the restriction. It would be best to consider that a diet of less than 1,200 kcal is insufficient on a nutritional level. It is always good to introduce adapted and individualized physical exercise, especially to build muscles. Set specific strength training goals to boost weakened tissue. Lighten the focus towards weight as the sole primary goal of treatment. Give importance to other health benefits: a greater sensation of energy, improved intestinal transit, a better quality of hair, skin, and nails, menstrual regularity and improvement of reproductive function, increased lividity, and psychological improvements ceasing to be slaves of the feeding. The concept of a hypocaloric-restrictive diet should be modified as an effective treatment for weight loss by restricting food and cutting calories. The healthy thing would be to change and improve the habits and lifestyle that maintain a long-term weight without hindering the person’s vital energy and motivation. Conclusion The person who lives on a diet goes through different cyclical stages, causing his organism to lose metabolic efficiency for each diet change that he proposes to undergo. Following constant restrictive diets entails resistance to weight loss and lack of energy, constipation, and hormonal disorders. For these reasons, the BioFit supplement helps you to restore all those adverse effects of other diets and other previous processes that conditioned your body. To further reinforce the idea of changing healthy habits and lifestyles that allow us to stay in the long term without hindering vital energy and motivation. What are you waiting for? Try BioFit now and tell us more about your experience! Visit the Official Website of BioFit=>> Contact Details: BioFit About 2021.Reviews: This press release has been created by, a team of writers that provides its readers with product reviews and reports helping consumers make informed decisions. Individual results may vary, and this product review has been published for information purposes only. Interested consumers should consult an expert advisor/health professional before any such. Affiliate Disclosure: The links contained in this product review may result in a small commission if you opt to purchase the product recommended at no additional cost to you. Disclaimer: Please understand that any advice or guidelines revealed here are not even remotely a substitute for sound medical advice from a licensed healthcare provider. Make sure to consult with a professional physician before making any purchasing decision if you use medications or have concerns following the review details shared above. Individual results may vary as the statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Disclosure: Pregnant or nursing mothers must not use BioFit, children under 18 years of age (minors), and individuals with known medical conditions without doctors’ approval. They should consult a physician first before using this product. There may be unknown complications that may arise when taking this supplement, so it is better to consult your physician first, even if you do not belong to the people groups listed above. As usual, keep it out of children, as the dosage is tailored to adults. Always store the bottle in a cool, dry place. Product support: Media Contact: Medical References Kim, Jooheen,, Jae Moon Yun, Mi Kyung Kim, Oran Kwon, and Belong Cho (2018). Lactobacillus gasseri BNR17 Supplementation Reduces the Visceral Fat Accumulation and Waist Circumference in Obese Adults: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial Journal of Medicinal FoodVol. 21, No. 5. Retrieved From:, Mai (2015). Morinaga Milk Industry: Probiotic Supplementation Causes Fat Loss in Overweight Adults. Business Wire, Berkshire Hathaway Company. Retrieved From:, Maria, Dao Amandine, Everard Karine, Clément Patrice, D.Can (2016). Losing weight for a better health: Role for the gut microbiota. Clinical Nutrition Experimental Volume 6, April 2016, Pages 39-58. Retrieved From:, Maria (2013). Effect of Lactobacillus rhamnosus CGMCC1.3724 supplementation on weight loss and maintenance in obese men and women. British Journal of Nutrition, 2014 Apr 28;111(8):1507-19. Retrieved From: Tran, Thu Hoa,Le Hong Duc,Rachele Isticato, Loredana Baccigalupi,Ezio Ricca, Pham Hung Van,and Simon M. Cutting. (2001) Fate and Dissemination of Bacillus subtilis Spores in a Murine Model. Applied Environmental Ecology, 2001 Sep; 67(9): 3819–3823. Retrieved From: Kim,Jeonghyeon Kwon,Min-Seok Kim,Haryung Park,Yosep Ji,Wilhelm Holzapfel,Chang-Kee Hyun (2018). Protective effects of Bacillus probiotics against high-fat diet-induced metabolic disorders in mice. PLOS ONE. Retrieved From: Minami et al. (2015). Oral administration of Bifidobacterium breve B-3 modifies metabolic functions in adults with obese tendencies in a randomized controlled trial. Journal of Nutritional Science, vol.4, e17;1-7, 2015. Retrieved From:, Rathi. (2016) Can’t lose weight? You might be able to blame it on your parents—and their gut bacteria. Quartz. Retrieved From: Attachment BioFit Reviews :

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A senior civil servant in Rajasthan, Mugdha Sinha with an aim to bring out the artist within her, organized a unique two-in-one art exhibition – ‘Bottle is Canvas’ and ‘Freehand Meditative Mandalas’ in Jaipur-based Jawahar Kala Kendra. This exhibition has been drawing art connoisseurs from different parts of the country.

The exhibition, organized from April 8 to 14, portrays a wide range of bottle arts depicting COVID in its latest avatar to divine series encompassing Buddha, Aadi Yogi, Ganesha as well as the hues of Turkish Church, Sufis among others, all painted on bottles collected from ‘scrap dealer’ in exchange of newspapers.

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The bottle art has been painted on these discarded bottles of different shapes and sizes on which strokes of colors have been added in a series on floral, tribal, and Madhubani art, Halloween, stylized leaves, and multi-hued flowers.

Bringing her experiences of travel to different parts, she has also painted doors and cityscapes on bottles and showcased her talent in other themes as well.

The bottle art has been painted on these discarded bottles of different shapes and sizes on which strokes of colors have been added. IANS

Speaking to IANS, Sinha, secretary, art and culture, the government of Rajasthan, said, “I have been engaged in art activities for a long, however, there was a hesitation to organize an exhibition thinking what people will say, these bureaucrats think they are all in one. However, a book offered by my friend – Die Empty, came as an inspiration.”

Also the famous quote, “The graveyard is the richest place on earth, because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, the books that were never written, the songs that were never sung, the inventions that were never shared, the cures that were never discovered, all because someone was too afraid to take that first step, keep with the problem, or determined to carry out their dream, changed my thoughts and all my hesitation for this exhibition disappeared. I did not want to die with unfulfilled dreams and hence came up this exhibition,” the IAS officer said.

Does she have a trained hand? She said no. During her posting from the Government of India to the Government of Rajasthan, she thought of experimenting with brush and paints and, that was a wonderful experience.

“Further in 2015, after my return from Amarnath, the art bloomed fully and I started considering myself as an artist. This exhibition is my hard work taken in the last 10 years,” she says.

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In fact, one afternoon in 2012, I had an urge to work on a discarded vodka bottle as my canvas. Inspired by Van Gogh’s sunflowers, I painted my version which was the start of my experimenting with the bottle art. During the lockdown, I painted a glass bottle each day and the work over the 200 bottles has been exhibited here from 8 April, she added.

How did she source her canvas? “I began exchanging the raddi (old newspapers) of her house with glass bottles instead of money. Over the years, there was a substantial collection of over 200 painted bottles,” Sinha said.

The bureaucrat says, “My art brings me happiness and helps me relax after a long day at work. After I complete all my daily tasks for the day, I like to sit and take the time to paint my bottles. It helps refresh my mind. I am inspired by the beauty of nature all around me. I feel that art provokes you and acts as a wonderful medium of communication.” (IANS/KB)

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Ramadan evening gatherings are an opportunity to dress up to the nines, with a flawless beauty look to match – and Christian Louboutin’s Velvet Matte Therapy lipstick is about to change your makeup game…

Better known for his iconic shoes, Christian Louboutin also understands the bold, transformative power of a stroke of red lipstick and nail colour. After all, a chance encounter with red nail polish in 1992 is what inspired the creator’s now iconic red-lacquered soles, and ultimately began his journey into beauty.

Coming in strong with a luxe new line of lip color, get ready for a glamorous beauty transformation with the Velvet Matte Therapy effect. Whether it’s casual chic, ultra-femme or high octane glamour – a stroke of this iconic lipstick changes everything.
The luxury brand’s campaign features its current muse, Mica Argañaraz, and sees the brands signature beauty look being taken to glamorous new heights with the perfect lip look in Rouge Louboutin and Rococotte.

Velvet Matte is the iconic lip colour of Christian Louboutin Beauty’s lip collection. The complete range delivers ultra-matte, intensely-pigmented colour with a velvety, soft touch feel that lasts with comfort all day. Its matte opulence come in 15 lip shades.
Also making for the perfect gift this festive season, Velvet Matte Therapy by Christian Louboutin Beauty comes with a luxury price tag at 410AED and won’t go unappreciated.

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THE WHAT? Jessica Alba’s CPG company, The Honest Company has filed a Form S-1 Registration Statement with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

THE DETAILS The document, dated April 9, reveals that the popular personal care and diaper brand will float as soon as practicable after its effective registration.

The company revealed in its prospectus that its 2020 revenue hit US$300.5 million, a rise of 27.6 percent on 2019 figures with the diapers and wipes, skin and personal care and household and wellness categories all performing strongly.

THE WHY? As a leader in the clean CPG movement and a driver in the shift to omnichannel in the space, the company is well positioned to capitalize from these prevailing trends in both the United States and globally, making Honest an attractive investment. The company said it plans to use the funds raised to strengthen its online business and bolster its presence in Asia.

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