Last week, several area students traveled to Dallas to unite against hate. Carroll Middle School student Madeline Baek was one of them, and she made a fashion statement all her own on the runway.

A collaboration between the Junior Players art program and the Crow Collection of Asian Art, Discover Runway Dreams is a fashion show created to bring awareness to racial inequality and climate change. With the Junior Players sending out an auction call earlier in the year, Madeline knew this was something she wanted to participate in.

“I came up with a walk and six different poses that goes with the theme of the outfits fashion designers made for me,” Madeline says. “I submitted a video audition, and I was so thrilled to find out that I was selected as a runway model.”

Madeline got to wear two outfits for the show, one designed from the continent of Asia and another covered in plastered white faces. Madeline says walking the runway felt natural and she loved participating in the show.

“I had the best time of my life,” she says. “It was a very good feeling to walk down the runway wearing clothes that were made for the theme of unity.”

Madeline’s mother Audrey says it meant so much to her seeing her daughter in the show, especially for a cause she believed in.

“I am super proud that she contributed to a show that is so phenomenal,” Audrey says. “It was a very good feeling knowing that there is an outlet where she can express her feelings.”

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