Many of us would claim that we’re savvy shoppers: frugal, sustainable, careful with our cash and wary of what we *actually* need. But there’s not a single person out there who hasn’t blindly *added to cart* or made the odd impulse purchase. We’re sure of it. It’s easily done, after all – particularly when the Coronavirus-induced boredom hits.

Women’s fashion sales are a breeding ground for this kind of behaviour. A £10 top in a trending pattern that’s on its way out here, a trench coat that’s only a shade darker than the one you already own there. And as we all try and purchase pieces that’ll stand the test of time (in a bid to save Mother Earth and our pockets), it’s something we feel increasingly guilty about.

But it’s not all bad news. If you’re clever about your purchases and know exactly what you’re looking for, sales shopping can provide a gateway to creating the season-less capsule wardrobe you’ve always dreamed of.

So, what’s the secret? Don’t be drawn to the children of trends that are on their way out the back door. Sure, trends are what keep fashion fun – but when sales shopping, it’s vital you avoid bolder pieces that were on your wish list three months previous. Instead, opt for staple accessories, classics that can be layered whatever the season and stalwarts of a good wardrobe like white trainers, wide-leg jeans, classic jumpsuits, denim, tailored trousers and blazers. Oh, and think about what you might be searching for in the seasons to come. I.e.: the straw bag that’s in the sale now ‘cos it’s chilly AF, but that everyone will be asking you about come summer 2021.

Take our advice and have the patience (of a saint) to wait for discounts on pieces that’ll outlast the seasonal fashion calendar, and there’s no reason why you can’t be the proud owner of the best high street staples and fashion investment pieces from classic and upcoming designers for a fraction of their usual price.

The best women’s fashion sales

Best women’s sale pieces to buy

With AW20 trends and the best of the sale season taken into account, we’ve navigated the sales racks and rounded up the best pieces in the women’s fashion sales right now. And don’t forget – if you’re after high-street steals outside of these discounted pieces, we’ve rounded up 50 pieces under £50 for you to shop today.

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