You can use these 9 styling tips to give a perfect shape to your eyebrows and to keep you young.

Combining all the features of our face, its beauty is seen. Perfectly styled eyebrows are largely responsible for enhancing the beauty of the face. But many times it happens that you do not have time to go to the parlour and it is also necessary to style the eyebrows. What do you do in such times? For styling of eyebrows, their shape must be made the same in some way or the other.

Now if the eyebrows have not deteriorated too much then you may use plucker, razor etc. to trim them, but even if you are not aware of some basic rules then their shape gets spoiled. Today we are going to tell you about some such basic rules which can further enhance the beauty of your eyebrows.

The most important tip-

The most important tip about eyebrows is that whenever you buy eyebrows makeup colour, you buy a shade light. If the shade of your natural eyebrows is completely black, buy light brown makeup (eyebrows pencil, eyebrows colour, etc.). This will enable their styling to be done better.

Where to remove eyebrows hair?

Place your eyebrows pencil on one side of the nose and go straight upwards from there. Remove the hairs present in the middle of both eyebrows or if there is more hair on the top or bottom of it. This is where your eyebrows will start.

Where the arch of eyebrows should be made according to the face?

Many people do not make eyebrows according to their face and then their feature starts to look a bit different. Whether you make arcs in eyebrows or keep them round, the shape must be in the right place. To measure where it should be, place a brush from the edge of your nostril and measure it directly while moving it towards the eyes. The arc or row has to be started from where the brush is on the eyebrows. This is how the right shape will come.

Where should the eyebrows end?

Now we know where the eyebrows should start and where their arch should be, now also know where the eyebrow should end. Some people’s eyebrows are very long and it would be better to trim them from below. To find out where it should end, place a brush on the edge of your nostril (the same brush that measured the shape of the arch) and then keep it diagonally and wherever the tip of this brush is going in front of the outer corner of your eyes. Your eyebrows should end.

What to do to grow eyebrows hair-

To make eyebrows hair grow and grow in the right direction, do their grooming. Brush them in the same direction in which they grow and just as hair trimming is necessary, so will the trimming of eyebrows. So keep in mind that they keep getting trim from time to time. You can also apply castor oil and vitamin E oil to the eyebrows to increase the eyebrows.

Keep the eyebrows trimmed

If you are thinking about trimming the eyebrows by yourself, then you have to take care that the scissors you are using are not too big. Those scissors should be small so that the eyebrows are easily trimmed and there is no wrong shape.

There will be less pain in making eyebrows with such plucker-

If you pluck your eyebrows with a plucker, then you have to take care that you remove the hair in the same direction in which they are growing. Always try to keep the skin tight even when using plucker. In such a situation, you will have less pain.

You can use brow shaver-

Nowadays, there are many trimmers and shavers which are specially designed to remove only the hair of eyebrows this is a very fast and safe method which is painless. If you wish, you can get such a shaver or trimmer for yourself.

Use eyebrows pencils like this

When using eyebrows pencil, keep in mind that you fill the eyebrows in small strokes. If you take large strokes, the result will be unnatural. Along with this, keep in mind that your eyebrows area is powdered because if it does not happen then there will be oil in the eyebrows which will not affect the eyebrows pencil.

Eyebrows gel will work

If you have completely styled your eyebrows, then finally apply eyebrows gels. Once the eyebrows are set, they are used to replace them. This will also give a very good shine to your eyebrows.

While shaping eyebrows, keep in mind that only extra hair is to be removed, do not pierce the middle shape. Stay connected with other stories to read similar stories.

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