El Paso, Texas (KTSM) — Looking good has us feeling good, so it’s no wonder hair and nail appointments have an almost therapeutic power to people.

But many cosmetologists had to change the way they work to keep their business open.

“It’s like a ‘hairapist’ almost, I’m your hairstyle therapist,” said cosmetologist Ash Raymond. “They’ll come vent and it’s because they’ve been stuck in the house.”

Raymond moved her hairstyling business from the salon to her house to give clients — and herself — peace of mind.

“When you say ‘salon,’ people think super busy, tons of people, back-to-back clients, and it’s not like that in here,” said Raymond.

She said it was also a good move financially, even though she is still losing business with many cancellations due to COVID-19, adding that she does appreciate and encourages honesty with her clients.

“But you were kind of relying on their appointment to pay for your bills and your product and your stuff that you have going on too,” she said.

Heather Jones is a nail technician that switched to making press-on nails, helping clients do their nails at home.

“These are awesome,” Jones said. “I can mail them to you, you can put them by yourself — they last just as long.”

Her business move got her 250 orders in the first week and now she’s able to look for her own salon.

“It’s all about beauty and helping women feel beautiful, even from home,” she said. “It’s not just how they look, but how they feel.”

With the curveballs this year has thrown, many business owners have learned to stay resilient and determined to survive the hard times.

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