A round-up of CosmeticsDesign-Europe’s most-read news from November 2020 shows interest in ongoing research around the anti-viral role of mouthwash during COVID-19, sustainable innovation from Garnier and expert insight into Brexit.

Oral care research in the spotlight – COVID-19 and whitening

Unilever’s news on its ongoing preliminary research into the role Cetrylpyridinium chloride (CPC) mouthwash could play in reducing viral transmission of COVID-19 captured plenty of attention this month. The personal care major decided to share its findings, ahead of peer review, citing it was in the public interest to know.

Colgate-Palmolive more recently also shared its preliminary findings on CPC mouthwash, along with early results from its research into zinc and stannous toothpastes.

Two patent filings from the oral care major also made it into November’s most-read list – outlining toothpaste formulas made using metal silicates for a gentle whitening alternative

Sustainable mass ‘green’ beauty and Brexit preparations

News of L’Oréal’s mass solid shampoo bar launch under its Garnier brand – packaged in fully-recyclable paper – drew in plenty of clicks. Sustainability has long been at the forefront of the international beauty major’s agenda, with this product launch marking a deep dive into sustainable hair care for the masses.

Meanwhile, our expert guest article on how industry needs to prepare for Brexit – in the EU and UK – was widely read. Tjasa Gum, from CE.way Regulatory Consultants shared in-depth insight on every consideration that had to be made ahead of January 1, 2021 from Responsible Persons (RPs) to re-labelling requirements.

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