With lockdowns lifting, consumers return to cosmetic searches, says Trendalytics.

Tom Branna, Editorial Director03.28.21

COVID cases are still climbing, but vaccines are getting distributed (in the US, anyway) and that has analysts optimistic about a return to near-normalcy sometime this summer in the US, Still, the cosmetic data suggests mask-wearing will be with us for a while, as skin care and eye color remain the dominant themes in beauty these days.

According to Trendalytics, here are the top 10 trends for March based on year-over-year search growth.

  1. Hydrocolloid Patches: +1,019%

  2. Mask Stick: +961%

  3. Headband Wig: +837%

  4. Refillable Deodorant: +487%

  5. Bloat Supplement: +483%

  6. Quercetin: +384%

  7. Niacinamide Serum: +338%

  8. Rice Water Shampoo: +332%

  9. Smudged Eyeliner: +255%

  10. Floating Eyeliner: +240%

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