Stan Anderson | Saturday Sermon

I am not writing as a political commentator, but as a preacher of God’s Word and as a concerned citizen. Among the many voices we hear in this election season, it is imperative that we understand God’s clear priority for our country. Pollsters attempt to uncover the most pressing issues in the election. Health care, COVID-19, law and order, and social justice are usually among the top. The Bible, however, states that God’s priority for our nation is righteousness.

It should not surprise us that righteousness is the key to our nation’s greatness. Scripture tells us that righteousness is the foundation of God’s throne. (Psalm 97:2) It warns us that God will judge the world in righteousness (Psalm 98:9; Acts 17:31), and reveals that God is righteous in all His ways, words, and works. The Bible also teaches us the importance of pursuing a life of personal righteousness. (Micah 6:8; Matthew 6:33)

Righteousness is simply doing what is right in the sight of God. It should not be confused with self-righteousness, something the Bible often condemns. One of the lowest points in Israel’s history was the period of judges when “every man did what was right in his own eyes.” (Judges 21:25) Everybody made up his own rules and lived by his own standard of right and wrong. Sounds a lot like our day, doesn’t it?

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