Amazon Fashion wants customers to have it their way. This time around, the pitch is not on the luxury side — rather, it’s about creating a custom T-shirt.

With a new service called Made for You, consumers can get a shirt that’s to their exact measurements, TechCrunch reported. Here’s the catch: shoppers have to provide Amazon with their height, weight, body style and two photos of themselves.

The next step for customers is to choose from eight colors and select preferred sleeve and shirt lengths and necklines and fabrics. The choices of cloth are medium-weight cotton shirt or a lightweight cotton blend, according to TechCrunch. Types of T-shirt include a slim, classic or relaxed fit and a choice of crew or V-neck.

Customers’ shirts can even include their name printed on the label. The cost is $25.

Before rushing to their electronic shopping cart, customers can see the finished product on a virtual body double before placing the order. The process works on the web and inside the Amazon app.

The giant retailer has been increasing its offerings on Amazon Fashion.

In September, Amazon launched Amazon Luxury Stores in a bid to attract high-end customers. That move has been met with a healthy amount of skepticism.

Regarding luxury goods, appealing to high-end consumers requires more personalized connections and a memorable experience, Zornitza Stefanova, founder and CEO of global luxury-shopping platform BSPK, told PYMNTS. She said that can come in the form of video, live chats or being on a first-name basis with a personal retail adviser.

At the time, Stefanova said she was not convinced Amazon could create the type of experience that luxury clients and brands are looking for.

“Amazon is optimized for mass [retail], it’s optimized for efficiency [and] the mindset and DNA of the company is reach,” she said.

For example, Stefanova said changes that Amazon has made to Whole Foods Markets since buying the chain have made it “like a warehouse. The experience of luxury is the exact opposite.”



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