Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is no stranger to fashion, so it will come as no surprise that admirers everywhere are still interested in replicating her fantastic style. From fans to royals, her polished style is guaranteed to inspire the people around her.

If Kate wears it, you can bet there will be a frenzy of buyers lining up to get their hands on the item. Most recently, many are excited to replicate her trendy coat styles for Fall and Winter fashion.

The most difficult part about choosing the best of Kate’s coat styles isn’t due to any shortage in choices, but rather choosing from the abundance of great options.

Kate was hard working before becoming the duchess

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Kate is the wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and has been a part of the British royal family since they tied the knot in 2011. Together they have three children: Prince George, Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte.

They are in the second line of succession to the British throne, making it very likely that Kate will be bumped up from Duchess of Cambridge to Queen in the future.

Don’t be fooled by her public image. According to fellow high school and college students, Kate was generally ‘normal’ before her marriage to the future king. In fact, according to a piece in The Guardian, she was “ordinary, hard-working, athletic and easy-going” and “media depictions swing between a snooty Sloane and a dastardly commoner. Both are wrong.”

According to The Express, a friend reportedly told The Daily Mirror: “She would like a glass of wine but couldn’t really handle her drink. She’d get giggly and silly after a few glasses, so then she would stop…she was never interested in getting really drunk. She never ever let herself get out of control.”

It’s not surprising Kate upheld control and maturity at such a young age, considering how well she has adapted to being Duchess of Cambridge. However, it is enlightening to learn that she is a lot like many of us, despite her royalty. 

Brands and colors she typically goes for

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Royalty isn’t all the Duchess of Cambridge is known for. In truth, her style tends to always be on point and keep admirers talking. Her incredible taste in fashion isn’t limited to fans — as Popsugar has noted at least 11 times Megan, Duchess of Sussex copied Kate’s look. 

There isn’t much limitation on the number of colors Kate has rocked over the years, ranging from yellow, blue, and magenta to black and white. However, there is one color we never see the duchess wearing, and it’s orange.

The reason is actually straightforward. Color analyst Gabriella Winters of Chromology U.K. says: “I think the answer lies in DNA and Kate’s awareness of how certain colors [are] less flattering compared to other colors.” 

As for Kate’s favorite fashion brands, we have seen her rock notable designers like Alexander McQueen, Reiss, Ghost, Zara, and Catherine Walker numerous times. It’s safe to say any fashion brand would be lucky to make it to Kate’s closet. Not to mention the many closets they’ll make it to if Kate wears their brand in public.

7 Coat styles worn by Kate Middleton

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If you’re at a loss for where to begin your coat shopping for Fall and Winter, Kate has you covered for inspiration. If she wore it, you can be sure it’ll be a hit. As hard as it is to choose only six of her best coat styles, here are the contenders.

First, you will never go wrong in a double-breasted coat. Out of the many events she pulled off this coat style, the two most notable are when she arrived in Ireland for her royal tour in March wearing an emerald-colored Catherine Walker coat and when she visited Jigsaw wearing a white Reiss coat.

Another royal hit is Alexander McQueen’s custom green coat for the Duchess in January 2020. Similar styles include a single-breasted mid-long wool blend and Military style.

The third coat style you won’t want to miss out on (and is said to keep you warm) is the fur-trimmed Catherine Walker coat Middleton wore for Christmas in 2019. According to Insider, she told a royal fan she was incredibly hot in it.

Number four on the list is exclusively saved for the periwinkle Mulberry coat she wore in Northern Ireland. It’s unforgettable!

Not to mention, British Label Goat’s beige coat the duchess wore in March 2018 that goes with any great pair of jeans.

Then, there is the burgundy Seraphine tweed maternity coat from December 2017 that ditches the typical big buttons on most of her coat styles. Pregnant or not, the style is perfection.

Last but far from least, there is Alexander McQueen’s coatdress she wore to Scotland in 2019. I don’t know if it gets any more polished and iconic than that one.

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