How would you describe Behati and your sense of design?

Modern traditionalist. Whenever I create, I always refer to classic silhouettes, whether it is baju kurung, kebaya or sarong skirt. I try to modernise them with tailoring details, or the other way round. I like to infuse Malaysian heritage elements into my designs.


And you have instilled even more local elements into your latest collection. Why is that so?

Malaysian history inspires me the most, especially our traditional costumes because I think the subject is pretty much untouched in the global fashion scene. I found that exploring into this course very inspiring, while allowing me to reinterpret classical designs with current concepts. Other than that, I also included a bit of the historical elements into our ad campaign, from colours to mood and backdrobe.


Fashion designers and consumers have been behaving differently since the pandemic. How is your brand adapting?

We focus more of our attention on creating interactive online contents. We make sure that we are engaging our customers as much as possible through our website and social media platforms. We produce more wearable wardrobes with designs that are practical and sophisticated, that our customers can pull off as daily wear. The first drop was released in September. We also look at the sustainability aspect of our products, which means that our collections are now limited to a few pieces.

This will help us to supervise our production and minimise the waste of materials and fabrics. Another initiative that we have in the pipeline is to reinvent and redesign old garments into brand new pieces. Customers will have to send their clothes to us and we will reconstruct them based on a few design options.

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