Diabetes is a very common and chronic disease which mostly happens due to unhealthy lifestyle and family history. So, here are some popular winter foods that people with diabetes should avoid or consume in moderation.

6 Popular winter foods that should be AVOIDED by diabetics

Diabetes is a metabolic disease that increases the sugar level in your blood. It is a common issue amongst people which occurs mainly due to unhealthy lifestyle and diet. The insulin hormone takes the sugar from our blood and stores it to produce energy. In diabetes, our body can neither produce the insulin nor can use it in the right way.  

As it is mentioned, diabetes highly depends on our regular diet which becomes more vulnerable during winter. There are certain winter foods that diabetics should avoid consuming to stay safe and healthy.

Winter foods that diabetics should avoid:


Honey is a popular and most common remedy for winter to relieve sore throat or cold. And it’s a natural sweetener but high in sugar content. So, people with diabetes should avoid it.


Jaggery is like a staple food for winter which is used to make numerous delicious sweets and Indian desserts. Though it is the form of natural sugar, yet it’s high in glycemic index (GI) range and hence should be avoided by diabetics in winter.

Makki ki roti

It is made with corn or makai flour and complemented with saag. It is one of the most popular foods for winter which diabetics should have in limit because of its GI content.

Tea or coffee with sugar

Consumption of tea or coffee in moderation for winter is fine. But diabetics should never add any extra sugar to it.

Fried foods

Any kind of fried foods are rich in trans fats which can cause inflammation in your body and increase insulin resistance. So, people with diabetes should limit the intake of them.

Fruit juice

Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals, but some are also high in sugar content. So, diabetics should keep an eye on that and have fruits in moderation and avoid juice. They should also avoid fruit juices available in the market as they are very high in sugar content.

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