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Disney’s tale as old as time, Beauty and the Beast will soon share its story across multiple stages in Europe. Today, Disney introduced the world to the actress and actor who’ll be bringing the roles of Belle and Beast to life later this year.  

What’s Happening:

  • Disney on Broadway has announced the leads for the upcoming Beauty and the Beast tour that’s set to travel the U.K. and Ireland in 2021.
  • Courtney Stapleton will take the stage as the brave bookworm Belle starring opposite Emmanuel Kojo as the Beast.
  • Disney shared a video revealing the stars and showcasing them as they shoot promotional photography for the tour.

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After Lady Gaga shocked the world on Inauguration Day wearing an eye-catching avant-garde ensemble, voluminous red skirt, and a black fitted jacket with a golden dove brooch as a symbol of peace, Schiaparelli became the talk of the fashion world and beyond for this show-stopping look. With Gaga’s look delivering both a symbolic reference of reaching a point of peace in America while also looking dazzling resurged the house and its iconic use of campy surrealism into the current generation.

As the brand has been finding its resurgence in the fashion spotlight, its century-old glory cannot be erased. Schiaparelli is a sacred name, forever imprinted on the pages of fashion history. Elsa Schiaparelli, the founder of the house, was one of the most iconic figures in the history of costume who invented eternal classics, like a hard-shouldered suit, jumpsuits with pockets, and surrealist masterpieces that are now on display in museums. From a shoe-shaped hat and orangutan-fur boots, to newspaper print and signature “shocking pink,” Schiaparelli pioneered numerous iconic looks that dramatically influenced the history of fashion. A queen of surrealistic style, a friend of Salvador Dali, and Coco Chanel’s main rival – Elsa was many things. Despite her remarkable contribution to fashion, after World War II the conversation about the brand went silent for almost a century. Today, Maison Schiaparelli has been experiencing its second renaissance under the enthusiastic leadership of the new Creative Director, Daniel Roseberry. With its iconic historical moments and promising future, Schiaparelli’s fortified aesthetics are here to stay beyond the momentary trends.

Schiaparelli grew up an Italian aristocrat who was surrounded among the finest masterpieces of baroque art of the 18th century Corsini palace in Rome, had a deep understanding of beauty since she was a child. Her fashion journey started in 1922, when she moved to Paris. Earning a blessing from the prominent fashion designer at the time, Paul Poiret, Schiaparelli began rising in fashion. Her first collection, which featured hand-knit sweaters with a black and white trompe l’œil motif, quickly became a hit as the Parisian women craved sport-style amid the spirit of the Olympic Games in France.

What started with simple sweaters and a little “showroom” in Schiaparelli’s apartment, had grown into a chic boutique at Place Vendôme, right in front of Chanel’s residence at the Ritz Hotel. Schiaparelli and Chanel had then become rivals, periodically “stealing” each other’s clients. In contrast to Chanel, whose classic designs featured black and white, Schiaparelli pioneered color in all its extravagance – Schiaparelli “invented” the iconic fuchsia or what she called “shocking pink.” Fashion historians say that Chanel, in the end, might have been influenced by Schiaparelli’s use of color, making her late creations less dark to accommodate her clients’ desires.

BettmannGetty Images

hungarian born american actress zsa zsa gabor as she appears in the film moulin rouge, 1952 she is wearing a dress designed by elsa schiaparelli  photo by archive photosgetty images

Archive PhotosGetty Images

Schiaparelli loved “shocking” the crowd – both on the runway and in her social outings. She showed up at parties in ostrich feathers and now-banned orangutan fur coats. She famously designed the iconic multilayer dress that resembled a private part of a woman’s body – the item was deemed shocking and provocative by society. Elsa was as “hip” as she could be for the conservative 1930s. Ignoring the disapproving looks, she followed her own artistic vision, reining her designs with surrealist sexuality. The bizarre hats, manicured gloves, a bra with hands – those are just a few iconic items that Schiaparelli had forever imprinted in fashion history.

bra with hands by schiaparelli

Maison Schiaparelli/Pinterest

schiaparelli, in a surrealistic mood, designs this red satin, visored evening cap with an elongated peephole for the eye a diamond clip from van cleef  arpels makes a weird eyebrow

BettmannGetty Images

Some of the most marvelous creations had also resulted from Elsa’s friendship with the famed surrealist artist, Salvador Dali. Some of those iconic masterpieces featured the famous skeleton dress that imitated a shape of a human skeleton on the back – an allusion to the popular image of a stoop-shouldered woman popularized by Greta Garbo, as well as the famous lobster dress and a shoe hat. Schiaparelli was also the first designer to dedicate a collection to certain themes, like “Circus,” “Zodiac,” and “Pagan.”

skeleton dress by schiaparelli

Schiaparelli/Victoria&Albert Museum

skeleton dress by schiaparelli

Schiaparelli/Victoria&Albert Museum

Even though it was Gianni Versace who became the most famous for hiring “supermodels” for his runway shows and ultimately making it the driving marketing strategy of his brand, Elsa Schiaparelli was probably among the first couturiers in the scene who started practicing it. The “supermodels” that walked her runway shows were blue-blood Russian emigres that settled in France after fleeing the revolution. Lyud Fedoseeva, for example, was a favorite model of both Chanel and Schiaparelli and had also become an object of fight between the two women, with one trying to outpay the other to have the model for the show.

Many famous clients also contributed to the brand’s success, becoming what we would now call “brand ambassadors.” Wallis Simpson, the future Duchess of Windsor had worn the iconic lobster dress by Dali and Schiaparelli on her pre-wedding shoot for Vogue. The famous Hollywood actress Mae West shined in Schiaparelli look in Every Day’s Holiday film. Her hourglass figure had become a prototype for the iconic “Shocking” perfume design, that resembled her curves. The risque ad became another shockwave that hit the traditional crowd in 1937. Decades later it was famously recreated by Jean Paul Gaultier in his own perfume collection.

“Shocking” by Schiaparelli, 1937 

Maison Schiaparelli/Pinterest

lyud fedoseeva for schiaparelli
Lyud Fedoseeva for Schiaparelli

BettmannGetty Images

The burning flame of Schiaparelli’s success was, unfortunately, dimmed as World War II had hit Europe and faded away completely in the post-war time. When Elsa returned back to liberated France, she saw that the fashion scene had changed. There were new faces, like Balmain and Balenciaga who intrigued the public with new silhouettes. There was Christian Dior with his iconic “New Look.” Schiaparelli could not regain her spot at the fashion Olympus and Maison Schiaparelli closed its doors in 1958 – only to be reopened 60 years later.

Almost a century later, Maison Schiaparelli has entered a brand new era on the back of Roseberry, who joined the house in 2019. Even though the house was officially reopened in 2012, incarnated in Elsa’s actual boutique in Place Vendôme, it wasn’t until Roseberry’s appointment breathed new life into the brand. Thanks to the comeback of camp, the style characterized by excess and exaggeration, Schiaparelli’s signature surrealism fits in perfectly in the contemporary cultural landscape.

“It is my great honor and my joy to pick up where Mme. Schiaparelli left off some 85 years ago. Schiaparelli was a master of the modern; her work reflected the chaos and hope of the turbulent era in which she lived,” Roseberry said in a statement upon his appointment.

Drawn to fashion from early Texan childhood, his path to creative and personal freedom distantly echos the house’s past. Like Schiaparelli , who escaped the confines of her Roman palace to marry a young theosophist and write risque poetry in Britain, Roseberry’s path to personal and creative self-expression was similarly unorthodox to his traditional background. Ever since he started drawing design sketches of a bride’s dress after visiting a wedding at the age of twelve, his obsession with fashion only grew stronger and led him to where he is now.

Debuting fashion week, Roseberry made it clear he did not want to be “nostalgic,” but offer the interpretation of the surrealism through the prism of his own vision. In his first collection, he had stormed the runway with the color, campy accessories and the surrealist sexuality that everyone had waited for. He masterfully expressed the aura that was deeply embedded in the brand’s DNA and placed it in the context of today, rather than the past.

“Today, we find ourselves asking similarly big, identity-shaping questions of our own: What does art look like? What is identity? How do we dress for the end of the world? Schiaparelli answered these questions with candor and humor, but one of her greatest legacies may be her commitment to fantasy, her understanding that we need fantasy in complicated times,” Roseberry said. “I want to offer my own answers to these questions, and offer a fantasy—a dream—that feels relevant, and necessary, for today.”

While Roseberry is driven by the strong desire to create his own legacy, he often pays tribute to Schiaparelli’s iconic masterpieces. The Fall/Winter 2020 collection, he featured a military jacket with golden chains imitating the ribs, and a skeleton-style leather bomber – a beautiful tribute to the iconic skeleton dress from the Dali-era of the brand. The same collection also presented a series of manicured gloves encrusted with Swarovski crystals. Signature “shocking pink” also continues to live on in the Spring/Summer 2021 coat and suit, decorated with surrealist buttons.

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While some items feel like a direct quote, others offer refreshing novelty, as if reminding us of Roseberry’s own artistic brush stroke. Instead of the insect necklace from the 1938 “Pagan” collection that was sold for € 85,000 on Sotheby’s auction, in 2021 we see the continuation of fantastical surrealism in the golden necklace with tooth-shaped pearls.

insect necklace by schiaparelli, 1938


schiaparelli tooth shaped necklace

Schiaparelli Instagram

Similarly, the manicured gloves transform into gold finger rings, that have recently gained popularity in social media. If Salvador Dali is looking at us from the above, he will surely approve (perhaps, with a wink.)

manicured gloves by schiaparelli


finger ring by schiaparelli

Schiaparelli Instagram

While we are left in awe with Roseberry’s creative genius and the triumphant return of surrealism in the fashion scene, the brand has also picked up on the power of social media and celebrities’ support to push the brand’s popularity forward. At the end of the day, you may create a masterpiece, but that all will be in vain if the house continues its existence in silence. Despite the pandemic, 2020 was fruitful for Schiaparelli in terms of notable encouragement from celebrities. Beyoncé and Cate Blanchett made public appearances in Schiaparelli looks in the beginning of the year. Kim Kardashian broke Instagram over Christmas, with a picture of her wearing molded six pack leather corset from the Spring/Summer 2021 Haute Couture collection. The item carries the message that Roseberry connoted in the new collection – the concept of “power femininity.” Going against what he sees as “misogynistic” femininity displayed in classical Haute Couture, Roseberry presents his own unique vision to challenge that.

kim kardashian in schiaparelli

Kim Kardashian Instagram

While it might be difficult to carry the weight of Schiaparelli’s legendary legacy, Roseberry is confidently driving the brand into a prosperous future. They say it’s impossible to invent something new, when nearly everything has already been invented – yet, collection after collection, we see Schiaparelli bringing us to the new fantasy worlds, answering to our own artistic hunger with eye-pleasing extravaganza.

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Here is what the editors at Physician’s Briefing chose as the most important COVID-19 developments for you and your practice for the week of April 26 to 30, 2021. This roundup includes the latest research news from journal studies and other trusted sources that is most likely to affect clinical practice.

Pandemic Tied to Mental Health Concerns in Pregnant, Postpartum Women

FRIDAY, April 30, 2021 (HealthDay News) — During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, elevated posttraumatic stress, anxiety/depression, and loneliness were highly prevalent in pregnant and postpartum women across 64 countries, according to a study published online April 21 in PLOS ONE.

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COVID-19 Deaths Continue to Decline in the United States

FRIDAY, April 30, 2021 (HealthDay News) — In a sign that the COVID-19 pandemic is beginning to ebb in America, a new analysis reveals the seven-day average of new COVID-19 deaths in the United States has hit its lowest point since last October.

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Brazil Second Country to Record More Than 400,000 COVID-19 Deaths

FRIDAY, April 30, 2021 (HealthDay News) — After 100,000 COVID-19 deaths in just one month, Brazil has become the second country in the world to record more than 400,000 deaths from the disease.

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CDC: Cruise Ships Can Soon Resume Sailing in U.S. Waters

FRIDAY, April 30, 2021 (HealthDay News) — Cruise ships can resume sailing in U.S. waters as long as 98 percent of crew and 95 percent of customers are vaccinated against COVID-19, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says.

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Side Effects of BNT162b2, ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 Vaccines Quantified

FRIDAY, April 30, 2021 (HealthDay News) — Systemic and local side effects to BNT162b2 and ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccines occur at relatively low frequencies, according to a study published online April 27 in The Lancet Infectious Diseases.

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Supply Steady for Existing Patients Receiving Opioids During COVID-19

FRIDAY, April 30, 2021 (HealthDay News) — Existing patients receiving opioid analgesics and buprenorphine for opioid use disorder have continued to receive medications during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a study published online April 15 in JAMA Network Open.

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Vaccination Linked to Drop in COVID-19 Hospitalization in ≥65s

THURSDAY, April 29, 2021 (HealthDay News) — Among adults aged 65 years and older, vaccination is associated with a reduced risk for COVID-19-associated hospitalization, according to research published in the April 28 early-release issue of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

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COVID-19 Pill Could Be Available Later This Year: Pfizer CEO

THURSDAY, April 29, 2021 (HealthDay News) — A pill to treat COVID-19 is being developed by Pfizer and could be available by the end of the year, company CEO Albert Bourla says.

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Many Americans Have COVID-19 Vaccine Preferences

THURSDAY, April 29, 2021 (HealthDay News) — Nearly three-quarters of Americans say they have a preference for a specific COVID-19 vaccine, a new survey finds.

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Many U.S. Colleges Will Mandate Vaccines on Campus Next Fall

THURSDAY, April 29, 2021 (HealthDay News) — More than 100 American colleges will require that students get COVID-19 vaccines if they want to be on campus in the fall, a new survey shows.

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Hand Hygiene Compliance Rates Peaked >90 Percent in March 2020

WEDNESDAY, April 28, 2021 (HealthDay News) — Hand hygiene compliance rates exceeded 90 percent during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, but declined thereafter, according to a research letter published online April 26 in JAMA internal Medicine.

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$100 Savings Bonds Offered to Young People in West Virginia Who Get COVID-19 Shot

WEDNESDAY, April 28, 2021 (HealthDay News) — Teens and young adults in West Virginia will receive a $100 savings bond if they get a COVID-19 shot, Governor Jim Justice says.

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No Signal of Facial Paralysis Found for mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines

WEDNESDAY, April 28, 2021 (HealthDay News) — mRNA COVID-19 vaccines do not display a signal of facial paralysis compared with other viral vaccines, according to a research letter published online April 27 in JAMA Internal Medicine.

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QTc Interval Prolonged in Some Hospitalized With COVID-19

WEDNESDAY, April 28, 2021 (HealthDay News) — COVID-19 infection is associated with significant mean QTc prolongation at days 2 and 5 of hospitalization, according to a study published online April 23 in JAMA Network Open.

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ED Staff Reported Poor Mental Health During Early Pandemic

WEDNESDAY, April 28, 2021 (HealthDay News) — Work-related anxiety, emotional exhaustion, and burnout were common across the full spectrum of emergency department staff during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a study recently published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine.

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CDC Says Vaccinated Can Shed Masks Outside, Except in Crowds

TUESDAY, April 27, 2021 (HealthDay News) — Fully vaccinated Americans can now go without masks when walking, jogging, or biking outdoors or when dining with small groups at outdoor restaurants, U.S. health officials announced Tuesday.

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AstraZeneca Sued by EU Over Vaccine Shipment Delays

TUESDAY, April 27, 2021 (HealthDay News) — AstraZeneca is being sued by the European Union for delays in shipping hundreds of millions of COVID-19 vaccine doses.

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Shift Work Linked to Increased Risk for COVID-19 Illness

TUESDAY, April 27, 2021 (HealthDay News) — Shift work is associated with an increased risk for significant COVID-19 illness, according to a study published online April 26 in Thorax.

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Rapid Antigen Test Can ID Contagious People in SARS-CoV-2 Outbreak

TUESDAY, April 27, 2021 (HealthDay News) — Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 antigen testing (BinaxNOW) could be a useful tool for identifying contagious people early in the course of a nursing home outbreak, according to a study published online April 27 in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

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Factors Tied to Severe COVID-19 in Children Identified

TUESDAY, April 27, 2021 (HealthDay News) — One in three children hospitalized with COVID-19 experience severe illness, which is associated with younger children, male patients, and those with a chronic condition, according to a research letter published online April 9 in JAMA Network Open.

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CDC Issues Updated Summer Camp Guidelines

MONDAY, April 26, 2021 (HealthDay News) — Children at summer camps must wear masks at all times, except when swimming, napping, eating, or drinking, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in updated guidance released Sunday for summer camp operators.

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COVID-19 Vaccinations Now Mandatory for Houston Methodist Hospital Workers

MONDAY, April 26, 2021 (HealthDay News) — All 26,000 Houston Methodist workers must get a COVID-19 shot by June 7 or risk losing their jobs, making it the first U.S. hospital system to make vaccination mandatory.

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EU Will Allow Fully Vaccinated U.S. Tourists

MONDAY, April 26, 2021 (HealthDay News) — American tourists who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will be allowed to visit the European Union over the summer, a top official said Monday.

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U.S. Will Help India in Fight Against COVID-19: Biden

MONDAY, April 26, 2021 (HealthDay News) — The United States will help India as it struggles with a massive wave of COVID-19 cases, President Joe Biden said Sunday.

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Millions of Americans Have Missed Their Second COVID-19 Vaccine Dose: CDC

MONDAY, April 26, 2021 (HealthDay News) — More than 5 million Americans have missed the second dose of their COVID-19 vaccine, new government data show.

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Lower Incomes Increase Cancer Worry, Anxiety During Pandemic

MONDAY, April 26, 2021 (HealthDay News) — Lower annual income is associated with increased cancer worry and anxiety among Medicaid-insured women receiving gynecologic oncology care during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a study published online April 26 in Cancer.

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Swati’s brainchild ‘Nuskha’ aims to bring back Ayurveda into everyone’s lifestyle. Nuskha is a new launch, a brand that uses age-old formulas and remedies to create products that are natural and chemical-free. The brand is willing to bring age-old recipes into our lives again by manufacturing them in a lab with effective formulation and ingredients to heal with the power of Ayurveda!

Swati Sutaria Vakharia, founder of Nuskha talks about the wide range of products that the brand is launching, “Currently we are having Nuskha-Overnight scalp therapy oil with its unique 6 weeks therapy box. It contains 12 vials of 6ml oil each to provide you with a systematic healing schedule and steps. It can help us to get rid of hair fall very fast with its high-quality therapeutic grade of oils and ingredients i.e. onion, turmeric, fenugreek, neem, and other 12+ herbs! We are planning to launch Forest Raw Honey, Herbal Potli, and many other products with time.”

Swati is an entrepreneur with a will to make a difference and with Nuskha, she wishes to re-introduce the exotic, natural, and pure Ayurvedic practices that the world may have forgotten and can benefit from with easy application and user-friendly approach.

She believes in slow and steady ways of growth as she talks about the future of the brand worldwide, “I am not in a hurry to reach the 100 crore race nor I want to create a market with low quality – profit-oriented products. We are willing to take it ahead with learning & experiencing our customer’s feedback and behavior. We want to spread awareness on ayurvedic and natural products worldwide and create an impact of alternative healing ways in the international market.”

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April 30, 2021 — Nearly a dozen scented hand sanitizer sprays sold at Ulta, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls stores nationwide are being recalled because they may be contaminated with methanol, a chemical that can be toxic when absorbed through the skin.

Scentsational Soaps & Candles recalled the products after tests found methanol (wood alcohol), benzene, and acetaldehyde in some of its products, the company said in a statement on the FDA website.

The recall involves certain lots of these sanitizers sold in Arizona, California, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia:

  • Ulta Beauty Collection Fresh Lemon Scented Hand Sanitizer
  • SS Black and White Collection Coconut Breeze Black and White Hand Sanitizer
  • SS Black and White Collection Eucalyptus & Mint Black and White Hand Sanitizer
  • SS Black and White Collection Lavender & Herbs Black and White Hand Sanitizer
  • SS Black and White Collection Lemon Zest Black and White Hand Sanitizer
  • SS Black and White Collection SS Tangerine & Guava Black and White Hand Sanitizer
  • SS Photo Real Collection Coconut Breeze Photo Real Hand Sanitizer
  • SS Photo Real Collection Eucalyptus & Mint Photo Real Hand Sanitizer
  • SS Photo Real Collection Lavender & Herbs Photo Real Hand Sanitizer
  • SS Photo Real Collection Lemon Zest Photo Real Hand Sanitizer
  • SS Photo Real Collection Tangerine & Guava Photo Real Hand Sanitizer

People who bought the recalled products should stop using them and return them for a refund. There are no confirmed reports of anyone getting sick from the hand sanitizers, but anyone who is worried about a possible reaction should reach out to their doctor.

Ulta Beauty said it is no longer selling the sanitizer spray, and Steve Morrison of Scentsational Soaps & Candles says the company is doing “everything possible” to carry out the recall and make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Customers with questions can reach out to the Scentsational Soaps & Candles Customer Support Desk at 855-554-8050.

Methanol exposure can be deadly and may cause nausea, headaches, blurred vision, blindness, seizures, and permanent damage to the nervous system, according to the FDA. Last year, the agency warned people to avoid more than 100 brands of hand sanitizers due to possible methanol contamination.

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FDA: “Scentsational Soaps & Candles, Inc. Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of Scented Hand Sanitizers Due to the Presence of Methanol (Wood Alcohol), Benzene and Acetaldehyde.”

© 2021 WebMD, LLC. All rights reserved.

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LONDON (AP) — British actor-director Noel Clarke said Friday he would be seeking professional help to “change for the better,” after 20 women accused him of sexual harassment, intimidation and bullying.

Clarke, who starred in “Doctor Who” and created the film trilogy “Kidulthood,” “Adulthood” and “Brotherhood,” said he “vehemently” denied any sexual misconduct or criminal wrongdoing.

“Recent reports, however, have made it clear to me that some of my actions have affected people in ways I did not intend or realize,” he said in a statement. “To those individuals, I am deeply sorry. I will be seeking professional help to educate myself and change for the better.”

Clarke, 45, issued the statement a day after The Guardian newspaper said it had spoken to 20 women who accused him of misconduct including sexual harassment, unwanted touching, sexually inappropriate behavior on set and bullying. The newspaper named several of the women.

After the allegations were published, Britain’s motion picture academy suspended Clarke’s membership and his award for outstanding British contribution to cinema, given to him earlier this month, “immediately and until further notice.”

Broadcaster Sky said it was halting work with Clarke, and television channel ITV pulled the final episode of the crime series “Viewpoint,” which stars Clarke and was due for broadcast on Friday. The broadcaster said it had “a zero tolerance policy to bullying, harassment and victimization.”

Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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DUBAI Steps away from Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Loro Piano and Ralph Lauren, Cipriani Dolci is in a sweet spot at its new location in The Dubai Mall. The latest iteration of the famed restaurant chain is a luxurious take on an Italian Pasticceria, decorated in the iconic nautical colors Cipriani is known for.

Giuseppe Cipriani, chief executive officer and namesake of his grandfather, who founded the original Harry’s Bar in Venice in 1931, spoke to WWD on the opening Cipriani Dolci.

WWD: Your restaurants are a mainstay among celebrities and the fashion set. What is the key to the keeping the magic alive across so many locations in different parts of the world?
As my grandfather always said, treat regular people as royals and royals as regular people. Through the years we had all different kind of interesting people coming to our restaurants, from intellectuals to entrepreneurs , artists, royalties and so on but the most important thing is their repeat custom of coming back, and wanting to share more meals with friends or pleasant experiences in total freedom.

WWD: You are expanding your empire with a third opening in the UAE. Tell us how this location is unique? Why did you decide to open here?
Dubai is an exciting dynamic city and I think there is still room for more opportunities. The Dubai Mall is one of the largest shopping and entertaining environments in the world and Fashion Avenue is certainly a fantastic location for our customers, loyal or new ones. We have great brands as neighbors and the open exciting atmosphere of our Cipriani Dolci makes it perfect for a stop after shopping.

WWD: You are famous for bellinis, but what will you do at the location in Dubai Mall which doesn’t allow alcohol?
White peach puree with a little soda is fantastic by itself and very refreshing, especially with the Dubai heat!

WWD: Tell us about some of the unique elements of Cipriani Dolci at Dubai Mall?
The central vetrine and the tables around it makes it a wonderful oasis in the middle of elegant shopping with the perfect flow for social interactions. It has a great energy and vibe for both leisure and business reunions.

WWD: Who do you expect to welcome to this new location?
A combination of old and new faces, business people who are in the nearby financial district and visitors alike. Some will discover us for the first time and others will come to their usual home.

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Apr 30, 2021, 07:17 pm

When it comes to beauty treatments, nothing can beat the Korean realms of tried and tested skincare.

Though their 11 step night-time routine can make jaws drop, the effort is rewarded with a squeaky clean and healthy skin.

The latest gift from the masters of skincare is a bizarre practice called slugging, which promises well-hydrated skin, overnight.

Here’s your ultimate guide to this exercise.

Slugging uses petroleum jelly to lock moisture in the skin

Slugging uses petroleum jelly to lock moisture in the skin

Slugging is a simple process that involves just one product- petroleum jelly or vaseline.

For slugging, you need to apply a layer of petroleum jelly on the face and leave it overnight.

The vaseline acts as a barricade on the skin that reduces trans-epidermal water loss.

Though vaseline itself doesn’t hydrate the skin, it seals the skin of its existing moisture.

What results should you expect after slugging?

What results should you expect after slugging?

Irrespective of how funny your face feels while going to bed, lathered in vaseline, rest assured your skin will thank you in the morning.

You’re less likely to feel a greasy effect after washing your face, and the skin will feel well-hydrated and soft.

The effect of slugging will last an entire day and dry patches will no longer be a worry.

Here’s how you can add this to your skincare routine

Here's how you can add this to your skincare routine

Slugging is the last step in your skincare routine, before bedtime.

After removing your makeup, cleanse or double cleanse your face.

Use a toner, apply your facial serum, eye cream and moisturizer.

As the last step, apply a layer of vaseline or petroleum jelly to your face.

This will help seal all the products and slow down the escape of moisture from the skin.

However, if you have an acne-prone skin, avoid this practice

If there is a skincare practice that is cheap yet effective, chances are you will go all out to reap its benefits, but here’s a word of caution.

It is best to avoid slugging if you have acne-prone or oily skin, as it might clog pores.

Petroleum jelly is a by-product of the petroleum industry, so make sure to use triple-refined products, only.

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Ecovative, the mycelium technology company, announced a $60M Series D round to grow mycelium materials better and faster, in key markets, at industrial scale. Ecovative has mastered the science of mycelium to grow custom solutions for industry-leading brands seeking to increase their sustainable profile across verticals and geographies. The round, which brings Ecovative’s total capital raised to $100M, was led by Viking Global Investors, with support from Senator Investment Group, AiiM Partners, Trousdale Ventures and other investors.

“Mycelium is a unique material that outperforms other sustainable alternatives in industries as diverse as fashion and food,” said Evan Lodes, Partner at Senator Investment Group and Ecovative board member. “Ecovative pioneered the field of mycelium materials, and has invested in the research and development necessary to deliver it at the scale and cost required to make a significant impact.” Senator Investment Group also participated in a 2019 raise for Ecovative.

“The demand for new biomaterials in the fashion industry, such as mycelium, far outstrips the current supply. Ecovative is tackling this challenge head-on, committing to building a next-generation platform capable of producing mycelium at scale,” said Katrin Ley, Managing Director of Fashion For Good.

“Ecovative’s deep experience in mushrooms has enabled a high throughput discovery platform that is yielding solutions that are scaling through new biomanufacturing technology,” said Shally Shanker, Founder and Managing Partner of AiiM Partners. “This will play a key role in solving (or accelerating solutions to) substantive problems like climate emissions and toxic material waste.”

New hires
“Today’s investment in our next-generation Mycelium Foundry will produce immediate results for our business and the planet,” said Eben Bayer, CEO and Co-Founder of Ecovative. “We have a track record of scaling and shipping mycelium-based products. This growth will accelerate our deployment of these important solutions at greater scale and across more industries.”

In addition to the new funding, Ecovative also announced today that Steve Sherwood, Chairman of CWS Capital Partners, will be joining the company’s board. The new financing comes on the heels of Ecovative’s partnership with UK packaging licensee Magical Mushroom Company, which recently announced the opening of four more facilities to supply the UK and EU markets with green packaging solutions.

For more information:

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