If there’s been one major fashion trend to really take off in 2020, it’s loungewear. Yep, with our shifting lifestyles, comfortable fashion pieces have never felt so relevant or been in such heavy rotation—at least if you’re taking a look at my wardrobe. With all of the focus on cozy fashion, it’s inevitable that some trends start to feel a bit overdone. For me, tie-dye falls into that category. While it’s no doubt a dose of fun, it feels less versatile than some of the other cool loungewear pieces I’ve been seeing.

Curious to get my fellow editors to weigh in, I asked them to share the comfortable fashion trends they’re putting on hold and the new ones they’re making room for in their closets. If you’re looking for some updated ways to wear fashion-forward loungewear at home, you’ll want to shop their amazing picks. From knitwear sets to ribbed pants to dressy pajamas, and more, I know I already feel inspired to add these to my shopping cart.

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